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Of 80 to 69 this basketball season Natty Light Seltzer. Crashing the party. Hard. Boise State crashed it hard with a strong second half in the 11 Point win over Air Force. They shot 31 of 59 for the game, 52%. That's a number that Air force With defense of standpoint has to work on because coming in teams are shooting 46% against the Falcons and in conference play. With this number today, Mountain West Conference teams. Are now shooting and this is now six games in 50%. Against Air Force in conference play. It's a number that definitely has to go down Boise State 31 of 59 from the field, seven of 17 from the three point line and 11 17. In the free throw line, They out Rebound Air Force 30 to 21. They had 13 assists, only six turnovers and six deals. How about Abu Key jab? Here's a guy that his career high 33 against See son. He came out with the scores mentality. Tonight. He's averaging 11 points a game. The only had one game in double figures this year. He was on fire. 25 points on 11 of 20 shooting 11 rebounds, so a double double. The also had five assists and a steel and a blocked shot and only one turnover. A booky jab. Simply outstanding in this game here tonight. 19 points for Derek Alston. He looked more like Derek Alston in the second half, five of nine from the field. He had three threes, Sixes six on the free throw line. He did not ever rebound in the game. 19 points, three assists. 14 points from Marcus Shaver Junior who got the start tonight. The manual a cot out shaver, five of eight from the field. Don't worry Pointer, four rebounds to assist In the contest. Nine points for the Latin are Mitch and he was good for five shooting nine points, eight rebounds before he found out and he was a big difference inside. In this game, Max Rice held to seven points and only 13 pointer. Debonair do trees, had four points and added three rebounds. Ray J. Dennis, one for six from the field. He added two points. Boise State, 18 points off Air Force, turnovers and 22nd chance points a couple of key numbers there. If you're the air Force coaching staff, when you look at those you go, Yikes. Not good at all. Gotta find a way to Address those On, especially and then transition defense getting back and that's getting stops. After you don't do what you're supposed to do on the offensive end, so still a work in progress. Certainly. Air Force Boise State 80 Air Force 69 Navy Federal Credit Union.

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