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The problem there in a second and then she had drawn on it a a somewhat portly fellow of latin latin extraction i would assume with a rather large handlebar moustache two bottles of some kind of liquor a poncho and to some bro who was stumbling with his is xed out and i look at this that i just remember thinking oh like this is not good this is not it's not gonna work out for the boxster boxster simpson trouble here because you know white male patriarchy college campus big party alcohol thing and the campus wayne nuts they're all we had this message board that was because this is the early days of the internet because i'm old and there's this message board and people are posting stuff about how they were going to do a rally to protest us and the college administrators got involved and they they came in and they call them all door meeting and i remember and they were so fired up because they figured it was i i was there was a bunch of guys on lacrosse team we're all we're all buddies were their names all like buff biff and tad can either confirm nor deny but we're buds and i they figure that one of us must have been the perpetrator of the of the invitations so we had to have this door meeting and one of the deans was there and that's when i first got introduced to something i didn't even know existed which were diversity educators there are people whose fulltime job on this campus i didn't even know they existed until this because i'm a freshman they showed up and they were there to teach us about diversity and by the way to teach us about diversity meanwhile on my freshman floor i had a a navajo a kenyan a singaporean a girl from the philippines and and then like tad biff and buff whatever from the lacrosse team but but you know we we had a very diverse we'd have very diverse flora bird diverse crew that was involvements party my class was actually forty three percent non white so it was a diverse school anywhere jersey educator.

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