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Sam. said. Santa's going away they are. They don't recipes to the mall santas replace them with. Creepy Weird Air Metron will. Hopefully, they do like an led screen and they're just like, okay. We're just GONNA put on the screen because that's where everyone's. One of these weirdoes with just a beer to had on their house while they're jerking it. Would make more sense because that's more believable to actually could actually be on Santa excited mask. All you're right. You're right because like the kids are like, Oh that's believable because obviously Santa can't be here because he's fucking busy. So he's just going to skype with US real quick to. That is you'd have to face them all time like you think that you have this number. True. I WanNa, talk to Santa. Now he can't. He's busy working I know but that doesn't work for four. Years at a burner phone because I want to track. Because He's guiding. Pieces I cannot wait to these fucking light of my kids about things like that. 'cause Hey, get fucking new phone because those pieces of shit nor add that Santa Tracker. Trying to duck them for the last fucking three months. We'll get a piece of tail because Mrs Claus is hand and out anymore. What do you mean? Suck as pole. North Pole Kids Play he sucks pole. Cheetahs. It..

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