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Out for him over the next few days he needs to secure more support and sway some of his fellow republicans if the gop plan to replace obamacare is the path just days ahead of an expected senate vote on a republican health care plan president trump used his weekly media dressed once again criticize obama care americans and nearly one third of all counties have only one insurer to choose from on the exchanges and many markets may soon have no ensures at all it really is a disaster does the senate plan have the votes fifth republican announcing friday illness supported in in its present form nevada's dean heller it doesn't protect medicaid and the most vulnerable the beds the elderly struggle with mental health issues substance abuse people with this all democrats oppose efforts to repeal obamacare so senate republican leaders need to convince at least three of the five gop holdouts to sign on to the measure before tuesday's expected vote jim chenevey cbs news the first week of testimony in federal court corruption and bribery trial of philadelphia da's seth williams is now in the books smoke much of the focus on friday was on williams dealings with the man known as business owner number one here's kyw kristen johan's prosecutors finished continued testimony muhammad ali and then it was defense attorney tom burke shot focusing on a lease agreement with the government ali steady pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion charges in exchange for his testimony in the williams case and reduced prison time he also told jurors that a seven thousand dollars psyche gave williams was alone and not a bride and three thousand dollar cats was a gift as were luxury vacations because he knew williams couldn't afford it in return le said williams can net detained to top police officials but never went much further prosecutors then called the detective with indidis office who told jurors financial officials instructed him to tell williams stock using cd vehicles but he said he didn't because he wasn't in a position of authority at the federal courthouse kristen johanson kyw news radio kyw news time eight thirty five police say a.

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