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During questioning and then they call us one. Oh where did the three. It comes from the three questions collectively you for each of the final two. That's what they were trying to save and do a very good job of. I was upset because I had like a brief moment of hope that they were actually going to do a slightly better to hop on questioning. This goes back to what I was saying just about. How if this was like if this was last season if this was the season before Jackson loses is this Jerry vote six to three because those those superfan votes the Christie. Tommy and cliff votes were if this wasn't this exact season coming off of the past two do they. They very clearly made it seem like we we understand the game play but we don't want to vote for him but to the side and we have to vote for him because because we have to fix big brother right now that's what their intent was now. Let me ask you the are you mad about that and it seems like you're mad about that because I'm like I'm a timberlake. Here's the thing I I know. It's generally a horrible person but I'm glad Jackson won the game. I he played the better game. It was certainly the more aggressive game and I feel like that. He look what he did. At the the final five cannot be overstated. I know that people don't WanNa. Give him credit for it but it was pretty amazing to watch the but just the thought process to follow Tommy into the have not room when he saw him on the screen they he knew he was going there to talk to clip Nicole. He listened in on it. He wove that information into his live what he said. Tommy said to him and he stuck to his story like glue and I know some people out there. Were like Lascaux Rozan saying well. You obviously clinical should've discerned that the Mickey was the one line because he was the one who was absolute about his story and Tommy was more nuance but in the Big Brother House nuance doesn't go a long way. Sometimes I felt like the black and white story was the better one and that's where oh he did his best work and I. I feel like that has to be commended. So are you matt that he won or you just kind of wanted to bitter jury result for Shits and giggles no. I don't have a good answer for that. I think I met that he won but I'm also like I understand why he won. I I'm not doubting anything about why he won. I just feel like the way that the game has been evolving is that the juries are are taking their emotions into account a lot more often lately and that just feels like we're big. Brother is Ben obviously if this is a result that this jury result is going back to the way where they don't take take their emotions so much into account people. A lot of people are going to appreciate that because that's where they want. The jury vote juries to be voting so I'm like this isn't. I don't think this has to do with the personal opinion. I'm just pointing out that I thought the Jackson didn't do so well with jury questioning. I think that the answers that he gave and the reaction that he had to some of the things like when Tommy asking that question he was just like I was. I was just being myself and I just you know being intense and that's who I am like that kind of answer wasn't GonNa fly last year so I'm just I guess my point is just that. I don't think that he did so well. I think that he really just kind of one because they these jurors were were had a point to prove Liana. Are you with with me in terms of you're glad Jackson one in terms of at least it wasn't holly because if with Jackson is a win is going to be Holly Allen Twenty Four Wyoming Wins Big Brother and I am not as surly here for that. She likes helping makes fun of her obvious interesting. These the jury felt like they had a point to approve because if the point to prove is to award the game to the person who played the best. I'm actually kind of okay with that. We're going to appreciate appreciate that the fact that they're going back to that way voting and like I said I don't know which way I land on that right now. I I get both sides. Yeah I mean I think it's absolutely hard to process especially actually when someone that you don't like you don't appreciate their behavior you don't respect their behavior and you absolutely don't WanNa see them rewarded for that behavior yet at the same time when you take a look at the moves is that Jackson made throughout the game like well compared to Holly. I know that she tried to answer her jury questions by saying she played a different game shook bigger targets. She played an independent independent Games Jackson. I mean if you really put all the cards on the table. I still feel like Jackson played the better game and so there is a part of me that feels okay with him winning because of that yeah I hear Ya I was in Hollywood but the one thing that I feel like that. She didn't get enough credit important. She really never remembered was on day forty four when she lied because that was her moment in the sun she she didn't do anything win. At the final five when Jackson was she was basically they're holding her hands to her face not even talking to Tommy during that house meaning but on day forty four. She was confronted directly. Do you know cats. We think you know cat you know her and she was like no. I don't even know where this came from. This is crazy. Talk like what are you guys talking about. I've never heard that before and I never heard of brought that up and I would have liked to see her. Bring that up a little bit Leon or Carson. Whichever one of you wants to take it I felt like that? She did herself disservice by not talking more about the time that she did lie effectively in the game because because I feel like that those votes were gettable if she gave them a reason to both for her yeah. It's almost like she doesn't realize parts of her game that she could have magnified to convince the jury like she doesn't know which parts of the most valuable and not I think is the main problem there yeah. I think she had a hard time conceiving okay. What is my game. Ah I know I WANNA make it distinct from Jackson. But what exactly does that mean anything that that was pretty evident in the her answers to the jury questions I mean I'm sure she was nervous. Completely understandable Santa Ball but at the same time I think you have to come in with a super cohesive narrative that will resonate with the jury and just felt like she didn't quite have that down. I think she she needed a cleaner speech cleaner. I felt like she needed to throw Jackson under the bus. I felt like she needed to really hammer home. The fact that you know I like even though you guys look it looks like he was the one driving the bus and I was the one with the rains behind him. I'm like really wanted her to drag immoral and be like you you know I used it as a shield in front of me because I knew I needed him to get myself here. Look what I did. I needed it to be a simpler story for the jury to buy but I have to tell you once got to the point in time where they're putting in the keys in the box. I was like Jackson's got this. I mean Christie Christie as well a matter put her her key out in the open open about point when she said that you know she she feels a a couple of different ways but she's GonNa vote on game and that's what she's going to vote on. I mean I knew she was waiting for Jackson. They said they just all right. Yes Oh my God Jackson may get Jackson but Jackson. Maybe time I wanted to say really quick before you addressed that that win win. Julie cuts the final two and said Mickey Holly. We're GONNA hear your final two questions. You can give speeches and immediately Jackson. It's been a it's been amazing. It's been this life with you in the game and I love you and that's great and I was like that's just a little more shaded Julie then they got the last laugh in when they wrote Mickey on the fricking keys and Mike still bugs me. Oh my God I have expected to just walk like I'm sorry. Who is this person right. I don't know I'm waiting for the backyard. Interviews versus claims that she meant to vote for a holly instead and she says she pulled a Topaz but we just didn't see it happened and his pictures on her keys. She still would have been confused about that. Oh Oh my God. This is what they look in. The end like holly got more votes than I thought she. She's GonNa get. I thought she was going to get like if I was seventy two or eight to one cat voting for holly but she actually did get votes from the Coal Jessica and cads so Jackson wins six votes. It's a free but before we find out Jackson wins six votes to three we got to talk to the pre jury and this is where we're things got fun and I was definitely here for the first thing and I was in I was Kinda shocked at included this the House meeting with Nicole being locked out of the Hoa Term Kirsten it was really really fun and that they were dragging the people who were a part of that and over the spokesperson for that and I was here for it. Yes it was absolutely perfect. They set it up very well. Lovie is incredibly well-spoken and did a really good job of explaining what was absolutely not okay about that situation and then I mean Nicole did not have prompting to know that that was is going to come out but I think she did a good job addressing as well you know. I tried to forgive him move forward but I didn't see the footage but lovie like literally calling them out was great. It and I was really glad that they brought that up as well as the other bad behavior. I suppose Paul from nineteen our eighteen and nineteen on twitter today and he was talking a lot about how he's just so surprised that there's still no big brother Reunion. I mean survivor has a reunion. Challenge has a reunion. The every show on earth has a reunion these reality shows and when you think about it. It really is Kinda surprising that they don't do anything like this. this felt like like like. I'm so glad that they covered all this stuff like. This was some important stuff that we've been hounding. CBS and Big Brother all season call them out on this call them out on this like you have to say something so you can't just let this go so glad that got covered it also just kind of feels like the stuff that maybe would everybody would benefit from having these a day or two later where they're just able go. Look and see what they're talking about. you know they've just been through a whole like ninety days and this happened dates twenty four so as much as we remember it. I feel you like it would be beneficial to all parties involved if everybody knew the exact clips that were being talked about. Obviously they know what they did but they're they're like. They're obviously talk about it and it didn't the problem here. I had a little Birdie told me that Kennedy was GONNA. Let them have it the finale on and I was certainly here for it but I really wanted big brother to help her a little bit more and play some clips and receives of what she was talking about so the house. Tsk couldn't be like cursed Kirsty Christie. I'm so used sinkers mcinnis or Christie where she's like my hormones than I didn't feel good in Initi- apologized but she didn't know what she was apologize. I had no idea what they were talking about and no one hundred percent so a friend of mine we're watching the episode together and essentially she and I had this whole conversation about how we felt like big brother gave way too much time to the people who had caused all of this aggression and essentially taking away from the people who are actually marginalized in this situation because you have people like me who got to say a little bit but I mean really not all that much. Where were the REC-. It's like I wanNA throw it in their faces. Excuse Jackson J it's fine yes yeah Jack in Jackson Christie and everybody everybody time to try to clean up their own mess where the that time could have been spent more Kirsten by showing receipts what happens yeah absolutely because only only jock had seen any of the footage and even then Jack Manage to say his whole spiel without one time actually apologizing to me when he's on solid Salaam footage so he should have actually been able to do so like you'll notice his words were..

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