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Everything entertainment? I'm Colleen Lindstrom. That's Bradley trainer and we do these pop culture mysteries. We saw them in the form of blind items that Holly's brought for us in a little segment. We call it blinded by the item. Blinded bad I don't words We got some hot celebrity gossip mysteries to solve. This afternoon. This first one's confirmed, We know who it's about. Now. Want to set the table Colleen and Bradley and let you know that there are four people that you need to think. Oh, goodness gracious. Alright, let me I need to stretch a little bit. Hold on kind of warm up for this one. Right. We're good. Great. Here we go. It used to be the hatred. This a plus lists mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner had for her then a literate a list actor costar. What's the worst of all time between actors that cult leader actor singer Underage Girl lover is challenging that with his a plus slash a list Actress co star So so many things, the cult Cult leader, actor singer Underage Girl lover. Is that so obvious? Uh, maybe when we think about it, but I don't think we've talked about this person necessarily being a CLO What's the easiest point of entry? Let's start with the first to the A plus list mostly movie actress Susan Oscar winner and her then illiterate a list. Actor co star. That's right. They hated each other is the the actors A male actress? Obviously a female. Yes, The first person is the actress. The second person is the actor Whenever I think of co stars that hated each other. The first thing that comes to mind is not the answer to this one, which is Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze and Dirty dancing. I would die if it was Um, A plus list. Mostly movie actress Oscar winner is that Meryl Streep, uh, is that they play opposite each other as like romantic. Romantic ALS. You know, I can't confirm that based on the movie that anti lawyers providing for us, Um, who are we more likely to get the actress of the actor? The actress? So he plus list mostly movie actress Susan now was she at the height of her career in the eighties nineties, two thousands, two thousands. She's still very popular and very powerful right now, Gwyneth Paltrow. No. Powerful, enacting. Oh, she's powerful. No, she's powerful. And in producing okay and Angelina Jolie. No, uh How old is she? She's in her forties. Like Reese Witherspoon. Oh, I feel like all blind items are about Reese Witherspoon. Because, like I think empty doesn't like her anyway. So okay now who's the illiterate actor? They start literate actor. Yeah, so I'll give you a hint. They starred in a movie. The movie that they started together was in 2008. It was a holiday movie. What? I'm trying to think you want a holiday movie? She was in Christmas holiday Christmas holiday? Yes. Were you thinking like Flag Day holiday or are we know I was because I was thinking actually of that Jang that New Year's movie. No. Yeah, I forgot about that one. Yeah, This wasn't had a bunch of stars in it. Um This movie indeed had a bunch of stars in and I will give you a hint about the actor. He starred in Chevy Chase. Good Guess, but no done. Another comedic actor with an a literate, named the first name and the last name start with the same letter. He was very famous for being in funny movies in the two thousands. I would say that's when he peaked. Funny movies, funny movies. Um Oh, my gosh. Why? And they and all those movies were very money, baby. I know. So this is why I can't get incident. Vince Vaughn. There. You can see, I'm looking at his face in my head. Von. Okay, So now we've got those two. Are we going to be able to get the cult leader? Actor singer Underage girl lover who's challenging that with his Plus a list. That's a different person. Right? So these two people hate each other now, and they're doing something together. And they're doing a project together. Uh, okay, okay. This person, So let's start with the actor and singer. So this person is an actor, a singer. They're known for being very fashionable Harry sales No But Gucci? Yes. This person is also a fan of Gucci. Okay? He's a singer in a band. Okay. Oh, actor. Oh, He's known for his looks. It's not not Bruno Mars. Not from afar, like Is he in a coal? No, We don't really know that this person is in a cult. But anti lawyer has alluded telling us that is Yeah. Anybody who wants to help on Twitter. You're welcome. This person got their start in television in the 19 nineties for being a teenage heartthrob. Vanilla ice. Mm. Teenage throb. Mm hmm. I'm looking at you cause I know you are because you know you probably a Backstreet boy. No, because you probably thought that this person was a heartthrob when they were on television in the mid nineties. Mm Joey Lawrence, Dude. No, uh Oh, this is so hard. Why is this so hard? What kind of a T V show sitcom? No, it was a teenage drama D. Prime time. Uh oh, my gosh, I'm so stupid Jordan Catalano. Yeah. What's his name? Oh, His name is you know, it's long, hairy carries his own head. Jared Leto. Oh, yes. Oh, it's so obvious. Now. Who's the co star? Who is he in a movie with a list actress that he's in a movie with so they're filming this movie right now. I will give you a hint about the actress because the project is neither here nor there. She has won an Academy Award. She is known for her perky, good public persona. Very professional. She has hosted award ceremonies at someone, Hathaway. They hate each other. Well, I mean, this surprises me, not at all. But I will say Oh, I should have known the Jared Leto cult leader piece because that is a thing that is starting to emerge. And the underage girl lover. Do you remember when the whole covid things started? He was on a retreat. That's right, for like, two or three weeks with some young women and he came back and he was like, Wait a minute. Everything shut down like he was on this. Like Uh, retreat anyway, An anti lawyer at that point was like, Yeah, that retreat was because he's in like he's like the head of some sort of weird cult. Huh? Interesting. Well, it doesn't surprise me right? So nothing will surprise will fill in the blank before we moved on. So it used to be that Reese Witherspoon's hatred of Vince Vaughn was the worst of all time. But apparently that is now being challenged by the hatred between Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. That's great because they're kissing on screen so well, you know, sometimes you can channel that in great ways. You know what I mean? Eat a little garlic before I'm just saying sometimes, like, for example. In dirty dancing. Oh, God. Here we go. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. We were able to channel that hatred passion into into an amazing masterpiece. Holly doesn't like Mm I will say. I.

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