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A Bloomberg market minute. Stocks advanced in midweek trading. The key indexes closed while off their session highs. The Dow Jones industrials rose fifty four points or two tenths percent to twenty six thousand eight twenty eight that's a record high the NASDAQ closed twenty five points higher three tenths percent gain, the S and P five hundred added two points or a tenth of a percent. Jonathan gala of Credit Suisse tells Bloomberg he is still bullish on American equities. Stocks is just more innovative earnings. Growth is better. They're more bus. So yeah, I think it's simple. I would say with the US. Now Gallup says the US economy is outperforming all other major economies. Shares of J C Penney finished higher after the retailer named a new CEO. Jill Soltau joins penny in two weeks. The pace of growth in the services sector picked up last month. Surprising, economists, the supply managers non-manufacturing index rose three points almost heading a record high. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. News Radio one thousand Katie. Okay. AM k x y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Six o'clock and the newsroom with Calvin writes, the assault on a metro high school is upsetting some parents. I guess so. Well, that's right. Lisa parents have questions after receiving a messy, John Calvin, right? The KT. Okay. News center. Authorities investigating after Putnam city school district. Officials said a student was assaulted by four other students at PC west high school. Prerecorded message Senka parents according to the district one employee placed on leave the news for reporting the incident involved in salt with a broom handle. City school district. Officials say the accident under review charges could be filed a suspect in custody in South Carolina, an active shooter situation five law officers shot their three county deputies to police officers shot that conditions not known lane arrested after police say robbed a convenience store and southwest Oklahoma City twenty five year old Ian, king Connor Hughes or wearing a mask and using a gun during this morning's robbery early morning circle. K store near south west seventy fourth and Pennsylvania. No one heard their. Hearing audience for police body camera footage.

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