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Search teams are picking through the rubble looking for more victims of the campfire and three New Jersey is suing a pharmaceutical company for playing down the risks of opioids they funded bogus research. They pushed bogus theories like pseudo addiction things that have been debunked. They said that they position to Cinta Cinta ER as a safer alternative to other more powerful opioid drugs. When in fact, they were the same types of opioid drugs. Attorney general Gooby agree wall filed a lawsuit against Janssen a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson New Jersey is now the third time to accuse at drugmaker of break. The law and order to fell. Opioids one of Eric Schneiderman accusers says he should donate millions left in his campaign coffers to programs that help abused women. Michelle manning bearish on CBS said it would be a great step toward healing Chinaman's. Campaign said July that remaining funds will be donated to quote worthy and appropriate causes as of now, we still don't know exactly where that money is going just last week a special prosecutor decided not to charge the former new York Attorney General. Nineteen year old Huntington station men charged with sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl that we CBS reporters Sophia hall with the story this was a heinous crime. And we brought all resources to bear to take this predator off the streets in less than forty eight hours specific county police Commissioner Geraldine hard after nineteen year old Daniel doom was charged with sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl and the normally safe.

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