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That he said paid was more involved in like, for instance, bringing Sam Bradford to the Vikings previous to that than he was with it with the Kirk cousins situation when he and Pat Shurmur working together, trying to figure things out after Teddy Bridgewater went down. But they'll always have that, like three weeks, Fan or Sam Bradford was, I think Unconscious in the pocket, But every passing through happened to be on the money, and that pretty much ended his career. But it was incredible. Lasted like I kept thinking this is That that hit is gonna be the one that ends Sam Bradford and you have the passes on money, But, um, he kept finding a spot I want to say you had like a 1 40 passer rating on the pressure, and I'm like a three game span and That was the last we saw of good old Sam Bradford. Um, but it's interesting. I would be very curious. I mean, do you think Do you think this move impacts you have or ducky does. How does it impact what to do A quarterback now? I don't think they didn't necessarily does. I think that the situation was always gonna be drew lock and competition, and we'll see this year similar toe. When Jonno we took over the Broncos. John only took over the Broncos. He looked at Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow and said, All right, we're gonna roll this out there and see what it's got. Give it a year and then I'm gonna go out there and and correct it If I need to anyone out there got paid Manning s Oh, you know, I think you're going See kind of a similar situation here. You could see a Nick Foles brought in who's got, you know, obviously familiarity in the scheme and, you know, maybe it Andy Dalton. Some like there's somebody to push through lack just a little bit, but I think it's really going to be a competition this year. And then next year when the quarterback class honestly looks a little deeper, I think that would be the one where you would start to explore. You know the draft, maybe even a trade back in the draft this year to start the stockpile assets for that eventuality. You okay? Yeah. One of the thoughts that I had was, would she be? Why would he be more amenable to a certain type of quarterback to push through lock right, given his history in Minnesota? Not that saying he would like, you know, Kurt cousins cousin but Um you know, someone that fits, you know the mold that he is, like previously and what that might be the same Donald if you mentioned Gardner mentioned before Or maybe he likes really likes to shot Watson. I don't know you're the insiders like I'm just Shawn wants is not happening. It's like, you know, they're people that wanna have some fun with that. It's not happening. Don't you understand that you're having fun, and it is not a consideration. That for a lot of people. Having fun dreaming about what their team could be is the height of the NFL season for them, and they don't want to admit it, okay, They don't want to be in it. He's always stand that jump into my mentions every no preseason. What do you mean? You say my team is gonna go under our win total. We're winning 13 games this year. You're hot. And it's like, okay, You know what? You can have your Super Bowl in August. If you want, Okay, you can and you can suffer through the remainder of the season. That's on you. What do you think about the overall level of talent on this team? That's become a little bit more of a debatable topic here and never, I think that's gonna be a big topic throughout the course of the season. But you know what? Let's just assuming they get something done with Justine Simons and von Miller is back. And you know you keep at least a good portion of your art phase. Generally speaking Absent the quarterbacks. I know that you Pff can see a nice thing. What do you think about the rest of the talent of the Broncos team? Look if we're judging dance talent than you want to include you lot. I think you've got a real promise there. Count Gary. Uh what? How did you where it's at right? Exactly. Look so one of the things that we put a real premium on here, Pff because of what you know our war value wins above replacement, Patrick. Really highlight value of receivers and receiving talent. And, you know, I think to certain that there's really good examples of that. This particular season spawned eggs and buffalo what you've done for Josh Allen there, and I really like Jerry Judy. I know the drops have killed him, but we know drops or something. That's inconsistent season. It's even important. Sutton Back. You have no fan who I think it improved a lot. This year. I'm excited about what he could bring on DATs a huge part of it like if you don't have weapons, good luck. That means huge on the defensive side. The coverage is all that kind of stockpiling pieces, and I do think there's a solid, you know, start their justice and fantastic. Yeah, You keep investing in corner, You'll get some Mrs. But eventually you'll build a solid core. So I think it's a little above average. Um, you know, maybe not 10 ish range. If you exclude the quarterback, That'd be kind of my ball Park Wood's, too. I see well. No, I mean that that seems about right. I mean, I was looking at the way you guys broke down your secondary rankings and your pass rush rankings here. The Broncos 1/12 in their secondary rankings and night, their pass rush and again..

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