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So being a part of a group. I belong to three mastermind groups and were always in a certain conversation. Whether it's fun play Andy's That's one of my groups. The other groups is Tio continuously stay abreast of The market trends and then other groups is like an inspirational page play a place of positivity and inspiring hope so just be able to balance out your life that way. This is a great point. Before we get into what I would expect from employers. But Facebook, I think, especially for the radio audience. I think social media, especially for an introvert, you might be shy away from that. But social media is definitely an integral part of everything we do now, so whether it's Facebook or linked in from a job search perspective, definitely following counties advice. And seek out affinity groups that resonate with you. So then, just a couple minutes we have in the segment, Cathy, What should employers be doing in terms of restarting their hiring efforts? What you get engaged by these same firms? What do you see them doing? We have been seeing a lot of hiring activity based on what their current needs are, for example, have a real estate employer that has requested for three new accountants because everybody has decided that They are going to shift gears right now and and work less. I don't know why people want to work less during this time, but but But, yeah, tbe able Tio have powers with your team on a weekly basis and stay very consistent with the communication across the board. I would I see a lot of employers setting up weekly meetings. Companywide to Talkabout Cove it where they're at right now, and also offer wellness programs. If if employees need to talk, I've seen that be implemented as well for HR departments, So to be able to stay really close cut converse, you know, communication because we don't want to lose our our greatest assets Which our people if you don't show that you care, and you've kind of abandoned them during this time, That's not good, too. So I Ah lot of My clients. I always recommend Teo Teo to get those you know, to get on zoom and have powers on and it's so easy right now, you know, it's it's just click Add, you know, put it on schedule, and it's great to put have face to face interactions on Zuma's well or on online so No, that that is really good advice. A couple months ago, I had Alan Line one who is the senior vice president of engineering for slack a collaboration till that's taken off. Also kind of like a resume to God for video slack, which is around a few years. They took off for collaboration, He said. The exact same things that in very innovative what slack is doing internally, Tio Teo promote the use of their own products in collaboration, So I totally agree that in these times, it's also the time when people are thinking about when they wanna jump ship as soon as things recover, So it's in the employers best interest to stay engaged with their employees. So Cathy were out of time on the railing part of the show. I really enjoyed having you on to talk about your Recruiting efforts. The journey, the actual title of your book, mastering the art of slowing down When we come back, I want to talk about some recent news on you being a candidate for Woman of the year. For leukemia and lymphoma Society and also some of the things you see on the horizon. So you listen to Silicon Alley Insider with Keith Coup Special Guest Kathy Trend headhunter. And author of the Journey Massing are going down, You can email said in photo as is and find us on Facebook, Twitter early dinner and we'll be back for questions or comments.

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