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Up to the plate and getting booed is the best because I'm like, man. They're booing louder for me. Then they're cheering for Aaron Otto. You know, and for me, like, you know, remember, Tommy was that segments like man is the boom getting older? Much? No way, man. This is amazing. You know, because I knew that as a sign of unless you unless why you're getting booed, you know, Because if you're getting like, you know, you got booed because you got caught with No steroids or you got, you know boot for something. But if you're getting booed because you're playing hard and like you're beating their team. Yo, hats off. That's that's as that's as much respect as you can get. You know, from from an opposing organization. Yeah, you're gonna get booed there for a long time, man. That's awesome. Yeah, it's fun. It makes it fun. Castano's The interview is fantastic. Check it out. If you have a chance through YouTube, the Chris Rose rotation yesterday's interview with Nick Castellanos. He talked more about life and his and his son. I think his son's name is Liam and teaching him to make the bed and life lessons he's trying and and as a kid. Um, watching the Marlins win the World Series on the Craig Counsell. Um, the play against Mariano Rivera. And just some really good stuff I did not know about Nick Castellanos. He really opened up to Chris Rhodes yesterday and the Chris Rose rotation. Here's your Reds lineup tonight if you're ready now facing a left hander. A U N e O Suarez back in the leadoff spot stays in the leadoff spot for the ninth time. The problem is, and I understood, um different. Different spot. Maybe a jolt changed the mojo. Get him seeing more pitches, You see more pitches. But as this has gone on, he's regressing back to where he was in the eight games that laid off he's batting to 12. Now He has three home runs in the eight games, and he has scored seven runs. But he's coming back to what closer to where he was when this all began hitting just 2 12, now to 12 is better than the 1 50 when he started in the late off spot, But it's 2 12, and it's going backwards. Jesse Winker bats second over his last 11 games, Wickers hitting 3 78 Oh, Castano's his third since his suspension. Since he's come back from the suspension. Castano's at 3 96 in 34 Games Cleanup hitter tonight is Tyler Stevenson, his 19th start at catcher again this season forever run batted in by Cincinnati's cleanup hitter. Evacuation Recycling is helping Keep your neighborhood clean with a $100 donation to keep America Beautiful Wronki reminds you to do your part to protect the environment. Start recycling Jonathan India. That's seventh. He plays second last 11 games. We talked in the sports talk edition of all this how he's making the adjustment to the adjustment. Last 11 games, hitting 3 23. With an on base percentage over 4, 30 Castillo. Bats eighth. Alex Blandino bats ninth and plays first base start number six for him at first Still ahead, we'll go down. Well, we will go down on the farm because I've got a note on Tony Santy on tonight. Holy Cal career performance just turned in. We'll get into that, and we'll do on this date in Reds history up next Darnell carriers. Uh, it's the inside pitch I've done so many shows tonight. Keep track of which show I'm doing will continue with the inside pitch the RL carriers inside pitch on 700 wlw. Let radio advertising keep your business top.

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