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I'm Lana over in house counsel for the national constitution center and welcome to the people weekly show of constitutional debate. Jeffrey Rosen is away this week. The constitution center is a nonpartisan nonprofit chartered by congress to increase awareness and understanding of the constitution among the American people today in our special civil war and reconstruction series. We explore the extraordinary life of reparations advocate Kelly house despite her saddest as a former slave, a woman and a widower with five children and little formal education, tally house defied convention and led the national x. flav mutual relief, Downey and pension association. One of the largest grassroots movements and African American history. She traveled the country lecturing organizing newly freed African Americans in quest to right the wrongs of slavery, joining us today to discuss Kallie house and her enduring legacy are to leaning historians and Kelly how scholars Mary Francis berry. Joel, dean are secret professor of American social thought history in African studies at the university of Pennsylvania. She is. The author of my face is black is true, Kelly house, and the struggle for x. lay reparations, Tiffany. Patterson is an associate professor of African American, and I ask for studies associate professor of history and director of undergraduate studies in African American. And I asked her studies at Vanderbilt University. She is affiliated with the university's Kelly house research center for the study of black cultures and politics Marian, Tiffany. Thank you so much joining me like you. Thank you. All right, will Mary. Let's start with you. Can you first tell us a little bit about the title of your leaning biography on Kelly house? My face is black is true. Where does the title come from? There's a quotation on the back, but can you tell us a little bit more about the context of the quotation. Well, Kelly house wrote a letter to the federal government pension bureau, and the intelligence operatives there when they started investigating her movement to find out why they were so interested in her demand for pensions for old ex lades and why they were investigating her issued orders that she couldn't send anything males, and she didn't know what was in their files..

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