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That's a blackout. You're up and about doing your about your business, but none of that gets laid into memory because of the effects of alcohol. And that's a blackout. Yeah. I had a friend who who would blackout got violent is back out so right, that guy. Well, he did wake up chain to a gurney county USC is that there's that. But he truly became a different person. You don't have become a broader. Well, you don't have to. He did. Yeah. He was a funny, mild mannered, kind of thoughtful Rodney that sorta intellectuals in Rudy Rudy, and he was perfectly fine. And then he got drunk and turned into somebody else, and. There's nothing you can do about it once once he was that person and you know, Dr Jekyll mister high was written about that. That happens to some people, I suppose as a chemical, whatever. That's just some, you know, get drunk and I just get tired, remove falsely or whatever, say stupid stuff, but I don't turn into. I don't. I don't not recall an into somebody different and he he would be somebody different and he would be prone to violence or whatever. And then the next day just have no recollection of it, and that would account for fair amount of behavior out there when somebody goes, I don't know what you're talking about because he didn't know what we're talking about, and we knew exactly what we were talking about because we're there and it is having a more than one occasion once in Mexico. The thing that was funny about Mexico Tijuana that is is. When we got to the car and we said, okay, let's do an honest valuation who is in the best shape to drive right now. We arrived on Rudy. But he was in a blackout. No, not passed out. Yeah. He says you can't drive black down. No, and then just continued on the whole night, but it was struck me as odd as that we decided he should be the one driving pretty smart stuff, shrewd great judgment, fantastic impeccable. Dare you know what? Don't let anyone ever say the male frontal lobe is not fully formed. Oh God. We shoulda died a thousand times over think I didn't kill anybody else. Importantly, yeah. Well, turn out. People are pretty good drunk drivers back that. All right. Let's see. Has pay top walkway down. All right, Kevin, forty, two Reno. Yes. Oh my gosh. Thank you for taking my calls. I mean my call. He's awesome. Okay. This is embarrassing. I gotta say I for the last six months, eight months or whatever. There's been pain where there shouldn't be paying. In the manhood, whereas you got to be very specific, whereas the pain. Feels like it's on the inside, but it's only when on Iraq. And have you seen the euro? Have you seen a urologist about this? No. Okay. Well, that's what you need to do. On the inside. So it could be your. Okay. So me and my wife like voided, you know her, you know, lady coming onto me. Yeah, because I'm like, this really hurts. So finally, she just comes up to me this mad one day. It's like what is going on, you know, and blah, blah, blah. And you know, you don't love me anymore. I'm like, okay, I gotta tell her. I told her and she's like, why don't you just tell me? I'm like, this is in Paris. Like, what could it be? So of course, I go to Google, right, and it it could be cancer. It could be all this stupid stuff. I'm like, oh my gosh, there's a lot of things that cause very unlikely to be cancer, but let's take care probably stricture or something like that. Who knows what you know. Sometimes it's pepperonis. All kinds of things can do that. So go take care of it and that'll be that. Okay. I just, I guess what I the biggest thing you the urologist do that all day long. That's all they do. That's all they do. Take your stuff like that. Yeah. So just go to urologist gonna offend them, the rights like you're bringing their business to them. That's all they do is deal with male genitalia. That's their job. Some of them do kidney transplants also, but really? Yeah. About that. All right. Let's see. Top down. Talk to fill thirty nine from Connecticut fail. Phil. Skip over and go to, Matt. Okay. Wait fell. Yes, thank you for taking my call quarter syllables. Hang up. Go ahead, fell. Yes..

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