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More aggressive throwing downfield they, they had a trick play Oto Beckham junior throws a touchdown to saquon Barkley which is very exciting and they got Beckham going a little bit more. They got him over the top on a thirty three yard. Touchdown of this looked a little bit more like what we thought they'd be authencity when they added Barclay to the mix and they got Beckham back in the lineup. Yeah, it's just I think you've got to tread lightly overall still if you can't block it off. If you don't trust your off of line, then you have to make combinations. Now what we could say his, should they make more the accommodations that the tech. Are making for their offensive line and go is six and seven man protections and run two and three receiver routes, old ill Beckham, Saint. He wants to go down field against cover to rather than Dink and dunk against cover to on your prey, not getting covered to if you're getting six and seven man protection. I don't know. Maybe it will, but. You know, it's just it's raises the question, how much do you have to amend your offense to camouflage deal line? What what's different is the Texans have a young QB who probably isn't quite consistent yet at getting the ball out quickly and the giants have won who has mastered that. And I think it makes it more tempting to coaches to take the eight yard gains again. And again, what did they definitely should not do those let their diva wide receiver sitting next to a little Wayne dictate the game plan. He so the the headline of this game outside of outside a little Wayne was, was Graham Gano wins it with a sixty three yarder as time expires, which just seems really unfair considering the giants lost to Jake Elliott and the eagles on a sixty one yarder week three last year. But the sixty three yard winds it. The giants had been appointed at that point. So if go does not hit from sixty three Panthers, don't win it. But yeah, Panthers took advantage of a of a couple of mis communications with the giants. Defense giants looked a little bit messy on the back end. They didn't. The communication was good Christian McCaffrey at one point ran wide open for a touchdown. Yeah, but this was this was certainly the the Panthers clawed back in this one and end up getting it. They also had a giants head to head a special teams mishap that led to a touchdown off of a punt where Beckham. Was returning punts today. He got hit in the, he'll trying to block a dude who's trying to down a ball inside the ten, then ginormous Jenkins sorta shoveled it backwards and then ally apple kicked in the end zone and the Panthers fell on it that kind of day for the for the giants Panthers. Somebody got got away with a with one a little bit here, but let's go Miami at Cincinnati. This one was wild as well. Dolphins got day, you know, Bengals drove early dolphins forced to turn over in the red zone and yell. By the time, it's a half time. They get educated Grant Long, punt return and seventeen nothing. And it looks like Miami's going to hang on. But I mean this one, this one came apart at the seams for them Bengals sorta clawed back and then got two defensive touchdowns in the fourth quarter, right? Tannehill I don't know, man, he kind of looks like he forgets. There's people trying to tackle him when he's in the pocket. Sometimes. That's. Thoughtfully harshest, and that's a that's a damning statement on his pocket presence. I like the fact that he hangs in the pocket. He just seems like he just seems to sorta hold the ball out at his side at the wrong times, and sort of doesn't doesn't really have the correct sense of timing at when someone is closing in on him. That's the last two weeks. No, I hear you. That I, first of all that first touchdown, the Michael Johnson, that's that's a fluky touchdown, wouldn't you say. Little bit. Yeah. I mean, it deflected and went right to him. Yes. The other one. I mean, I'm watching as we're talking. I'm watching the Carlos Dunlap play with Sam Hubbard. I hear what you're saying. These forcing the ball downfield. We gotta understand in this situation. They're down by three with two and a half minutes to go. Yeah. You might your quarterbacking that a little bit differently than you would normally and he's trying to make a plane..

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