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Ours later, my sweet seventy six year old mom. Lead in burn once twice shy. Dear east of the Rockies. You're on the air. Hello. Got a comment about that Mogi paying in Maryland. Yes, what about is your own private property? How can you can't smoke on that? Because it's outside. What is your property? Isn't there a constitutional? Well, do you own the air on the air you on the property? You're smoking doesn't matter. Do you own the air? Not really. That's right. You don't own the air. You have no title to the air. You're polluting the air is what they're going to say. Okay. One more quick comment about that. And I think what we should do is have sovereignty of immediate airspace. Exactly. The only way that it's you know. But it it doesn't work that way. I mean, you can't shoot down airplanes and helicopters fly over your house. Right. Correct. So you have no sovereignty of the air. That's correct. I didn't think of it that way. Get into another point. They're saying that this is bad for you, people say abortions bad for you. Why can't they all abortion? Well, because they want to do what they to do. And that's all there is to it. Did you something to have abortion to do know? It would be it would be interesting to see what the US supreme court would say about a law that bans smoking outside. I think would be struck down myself. I do thank you very much. The US supreme court says abortion is legal, and I believe. I believe. That any law against smoking outside would be just flat unconstitutional. But what do I know?.

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