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Which you wish to do plead not guilty to all charges and specifications in the indictment. George Blagden the fourth faces. Eight counts of aggravated murder and fourteen other charges. His brother Edward, Jake Wagner. Did the same in pike county courtroom yesterday, George Billy Wagner, the third and aimed Angela Wagner are also expected in court in the next week CNN is reporting that the Trump administration plans to announce along antiquated federal role officially Benny bump stocks in the coming days this, according to US officials familiar with the matter President Trump bowel to outlaw the devices soon after the tragedy in Las Vegas last year. And some lawmakers on capitol urged him to back a permanent legislative fixed, but opposition from lawmakers and the National Rifle Association Beatty regulatory change the only realistic path toward accomplishing that goal under the new rules bump stock owners will be required to destroy or hand over the devices to authorities and will be given ninety days to turn in or otherwise discard their bump. Stocks Nancy Pelosi moved a step closer to becoming speaker of the house again, but must get other Democrats on board before that happens. To have a powerful as we love four. Thirty two Democrats voted against nominating. Pelosi for speaker of the house Pelosi who was speaker from two thousand seven to twenty eleven has worked to task work to do before the January third vote on the house floor will she will need to hundred eighteen votes to become speaker. She received two hundred three today a good day on Wall Street is a was up over six hundred points. The NASDAQ also up today almost two hundred nine points and the s&p jumped up sixty one and a half points. Our next update is at eight thirty. I'm Sean Gallagher. Newsradio seven hundred wwl w ladies. Are you still wearing that old uncomfortable traditional bra all the constant polling and adjusting embarrassing you need the Cubie famous.

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