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No doubt no doubt that's that's a good good good your coaches and an thanks good your coaches for recognize that in honoring him because at melissa and that's how it should be the the school that i take lucky to run at every week and i pointed out a couple of weeks ago that school and i'm not going to give their name on their baseball field has names this guy was allstate that guy was all conference going back years not only for the the boys field but also the girls softball field the state championship teams category it's a great accomplishment to make allstate or player of the year that would you agree that if you're going to do that at the school you should also put the valedictorian from every year somewhere up you know on a you know somewhere where people walk by and go eight nineteen seventy six this guy was valedictorian or whatever sure i think again i i think at least my memory says i've i've coached a schools that do that award it's not the trophy case there's an academic part of that recognition piece where and there are various levels of recognition right they're all state football players that are all state academically they're all and then you go to college they're all conference football players but all conference academically.

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