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Crosses and jews being attacked leftist choose has been done by the very people it's like ninety nine percent daily caller breitbart fox news about big listening absottly where they'll show like here's 100plus staged events by leftist this year remember the air force academy at a few months ago pick national new somebody said no blacks allowed and it was a black stood doing it for attention probably put up to do it by the faculty that's anti trump we just had a black stood non publisher of the show talking about his friend saying they sought to shooters darwin martin he's been lesson for two years he said he listens every day and soda his friends and that's why their best 'cause we got people everywhere and you know jaylen fall something different he tell us but guess what he saw just with everybody else saw a light lady spanich lady in a black man yeah they're seventeen eighteen years old their ladies their man let's stop arresting their development and that's what i saw that would they witnessed you didn't like they thought they heard shots over here they're standing in front of the shots are going off down the building that sensational than it let you know what they're trying to lodge who right now and i wanna go to clip from at bracken lease joining us live rogerstown is too you can we've got him measure gush two choices wellbehaved the highest levels the government florida believe rector thumb we just briefly stomach as but most analysts but we need the funding we.

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