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So what's the you're not you're talking about yourself right you you didn't use true in the back a woman mary barra oh so many of these on the baseball they're all dale at real thing yeah that's still a big thing among highschoolers oh yeah how whoa what you teacher you could say that yeah your job how won't how long have you been there like what i was going to get at is is it on the increase or is it on the decrease i take it feel about the fame you you see a lot of a cancer cell death but i mean you know it's on the down they're not supposed to be right you know what i'm talking about it in the schools but definitely the kids are still doing that thing because that's what i remember being associated with who's like student athletes it's definitely can't play bond upon or lacrosse through things like that i played baseball of course as a history with true with jeff klaus baseball is is now outlawing the use of it during the games yes so because they don't want you know kids going all of the novel cyclone absolutely right i have no problem with that and you know the law the governor christie signed on his way out the door i really don't have a problem with it banning squoo school rounds chewing tobacco i'm just wondering who the heck still does it anymore that's what i wanna know one eight hundred two.

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