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The company needs. Stay AVI, joy. I didn't do a punishing. To save booking. Booking link was my life. I, I Don out more loss navy. That. Exclusively on well, well, aware of. Actually down. Clue story. You know. On cable might be interested in. What I did. I found a journalist friend of mine. Interview with me. I mean. Mine one wife draw so much. Getting you your book, the other, you know that you focus. So I did with Glenn. Matt, rob, and he deceased interview me. House. Now. Now now, then he will blah everything on. He kind of was. He didn't just lowdown will say, and then he put Zuma. Talk film director in the white, but for books, you know, right. Please, you could get it started to build up, say, building seem story. Having on them other three years views of us. He came siemian host. One of the people allowed to say, we're not have to enjoy. An interview. Oh, interesting. Are there any parts of your life that we're kind of blurry that you couldn't recall clearly or or is it all the head. Who's? Yeah. Chunks missing about. About what series concoction, Jamal, lots. Oh. The Long Beach on is. When they took about concussion dementia..

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