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Much. The George Lincoln Holland Tunnel all nice and clear right now. Traffic and trains at every 10 minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Rebecca Bizarro Song, 10. 10 wins. When news time, 102 Will weather conditions are worsening near Florida's Atlantic Coast is Tropical Storm Zs draws closer. The storm made landfall in the Bahamas yesterday, and we might feel those effects here in the tri state area in just a couple of days, keeping track of this powerful storm for us. It's actually the meteorologist Carl Eriksen. He's a yes will continue to impact the East coast of Florida in the early morning hours with strong winds and rain, and in the next couple of days it moves up the Eastern seaboard. Some of that rain and wind from CCS will impact our area as well, especially late Monday night. And a Tuesday will notice increasing amounts of wind and rain moving into the city. Right now, our best guess is anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain throughout the day. Tuesday into Tuesday night, we could be talking about wind gust 50 60 miles per hour at the coast and out across Long Island of the exact amount of rain and wind were received will be dependent on the track of the s A. T s Keep it out of here in 10 10 wins. As we keep a very close eye on that storm over the next couple of days. Its range, Torrential rain and wind. Power outages have been reported in parts of the Bahamas that includes Andros Island and the capital, Nassau, with Grand Bahama Island, also in the storm's path, as he said yes approaches the Eastern Seaboard. There are now thousands of people in Florida preparing for their first major storm of this year's hurricane season, even as the state as you well know, continues to struggle with one of the nation's worst covert 19 outbreaks. Correspondent Michelle Franzen in West Palm Beach. Natalie Betancur is getting groceries ahead of his ideas, and in a year that's already wracked with anxiety, she says. This just adds to it. I feel that the public is really panicking. Cause it's a hurricane and we're in the middle of a pandemic, so it's like weird. Florida is one of the hardest hit in the outbreak right now, with a surgeon, hospitalizations and deaths. The governor ordering tent drive through and walk up testing facilities in the storm zone closed as the storm approaches. Shelters also being set up, and people are being told to stay at home and not gather for hurricane parties. Florida power in light to, meanwhile, is one of customers that power outages may last longer than usual after the storm, partly because restoration teams will need extra time in space to take pandemic health precautions. Crews will also have to work in small groups and keep Physical distance, along with sanitizing equipment and doing temperature checks. Quick check now of the AccuWeather forecast right now. It's partly to both the cloudy and sticky will see alot of 70 for later on today. More clouds and sun warm and very humid with a Couple of showers and thunderstorms. Any thunderstorms may be strong and gusty, especially north and west of the city. High 87 nights in evening shower thunderstorm Otherwise partly cloudy, warm and humid with a low of 76 on Monday, Clouds and sun Mormon, he admitted hide 86 on Tuesday wind and rain shows up from what is expected to be tropical Storm. The flooding. Tropical downpours are possible. The amount of rain and wind will depend on the exact track of the storm. The high of 75 when snooze time 105 Will they or won't they be open this fall, You should know soon. Governor. Cuomo says he's ready to make a decision on schools this week, But he said Saturday schools.

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