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And friends Thirty-seven-year-old Janine Cammarata was a custody battle for their three children who've been living with their father three police say New Zealand say the man accused in last month's Christ Church. Moscow tax will be charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine charges of attempted murder. He's doing court Friday six states and the district of Columbia are suing the agriculture department accusing the agency of trying to dilute the nutritional value of school lunches. WCBS reporter rich lamb has more on that New York state's Tisch James is one of the attorneys general accusing the Trump agriculture department of rolling back standards to allow more salt content in school breakfasts and lunches, we know that increase sodium intake has real and long lasting consequences, especially on children. In addition says the attorney general on the dangers of significant sodium intake for our children. They are also trying to limit the amount of whole grains in school meals. Whole grains, have significantly higher nutritional value, the non whole greens. And science has shown that fiber. Rich, whole grains. Keep our children fuller for longer attorney. General James noted that thirty million children countrywide defend on school meals. One point six million in New York alone. She stood in front of PS sixty seven where she said ninety nine percent of the students, eat free or reduced price school breakfast and lunch. Che's in fort Greene, Brooklyn, rich, lamb, WCBS, News Radio. Eight eighty on Long Island. Anassa county lawmaker says he's opposed to plans to charge five cents for paper bags ahead of the ban on single use plastic bags that's set to start statewide next March oh way not in Nassau County. Those words from presiding officer of the legislature, Richard Niccolo when talking about a possible five cent charge on every paper bag. Cost of living is high groceries expensive, adding a five cent tax on paper bags is simply nickel and diming people after the state banned plastic bags counties are given the option of charging five cents for every paper bag used at stores. People to use reusable bags. But as far as the government compelling a local businesses to pay for. Paper bags. That's that's on Nassau County. Sophia hall WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty it's twelve eighteen on WCBS. Traffic.

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