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On that data dot com number one is the community tab in that will link over to a close group that we have on facebook. We got about twelve thousand guys from all over the world. Who are taking this stuff seriously, so come hang out with us over there, and then we also have a free book so if you go to death her dot com slash. Slash Free Book. It's ten practical ways that you can start leading your family. Jesus today it's a short read and very practical way for you to get started and spiritual leadership as of like today, so that's a great way to start today. We're going to pick up on some of the topics that we're talking about last week if he didn't listen to last week's. which was titled Something to the effect of you can't lead where you haven't been around that If you haven't listened to that already, I highly recommend that you go back and listen to that one first and then today's episode might be helpful as kind of a follow up to that It's actually a message that I gave a couple years ago. Ago at a church as a guest speaker on, but I just think ties in really well, too with with what we were talking about last week. So I think that's GonNa. Be Helpful for you today. again as a follow up to to what we're talking about last week before we dive into that though I. Do want to thank my friends over at. At blinking for sponsoring today's episode, I love Lincoln's. It's one of the most used APPs on my phone. You can hear my baby going in the background, which is a good tie for me and talking about blink. We have very little time for us to actually sit down and quite into. Read a book I know. Very few of us can find the time. Time to do that without all the screaming and chaos, and so two like to finish a book as a young Dad, who's trying to be husband, a dad and work, and all the savages? It feels impossible. I used to read a lot before I had kids now i. hardly ever read, and that's why I love links. What they do is they condense? Thousands of nonfiction books, fifteen minutes, or less that you can either read or listen to you. I like to listen to a few books before I go to bed at night. They even now have a full audio books..

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