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Hey everybody welcome to the valley cast what you might have noticed in this episode as well as many others is that we haven't been opening it with any music and that's what people are noticing. The only the only reason is because I read. It has become filled to the brim with things that that are not music. breaded is alive with people. That are so weirdly in line with my sense of humor that I'm creeped out. I enjoy it. I don't read it myself and I'll make posts or comment looking at it. I look at it every day. I like it a lot do you. Not I'm I'm all about ready. You seem like somebody who would be about right. Yeah first topic out of the gate guys were okay so I don't think we're all you're not a huge creditor. Wait you will read it. I have so now. We have announcement to make okay. WE'RE GONNA get back to this red at topic after Elliott does the things that we should be doing. Yes we're going on tour Mm Yeah I feel like I'm We're going on tour. We are taking a week in January of twenty twenty to travel around the country. And I'm I'm bonkers. Excited Elliott is being a little hyperbolic with his statement. We're not going around. The country are going about like halfway over over. But here's the thing first of all we're going to be a little annoying about promoting it is going to be. Although ticket links are going to be in the description of the videos because the goal is we have offers to do stuff on the east coast but We don't WANNA put ourselves in a bad position so we're doing a little early leg to see how it goes in Santa. We're starting in January. Eighteenth at San Francisco set sketch fast fast doing sketch with the Chris. Paul show who who are heroes of ours I'm going to be there. Jober is going to be there Steve. Zaragoza as well as Kevin who's going to be and having a lot of fun and we got a book plane to it gets no that the act that Kevin has planned. It's incredible. It's like seven different types of entertainment writer and Shakespeare which I think is great We're doing San Francisco starting on January eighteenth from there we are going to Denver and then Salt Lake City and then spoke Kane and Tacoma. Oh man you just made so many people really well. Yeah that's why you tour is abuse. Yeah it's going to be very fun soule coming out Audie we're GONNA be doing stand up sketches. QNA's meets greets happy times. Yeah come come let us meet you and talk talk to you because I think if there's one thing we've learned it's that people like we talked. I'm a little upset. You're not talking about how insane it is. This isn't like cares about it. It'll be very strong. They do not even saying it's stressful. But I think it's fun and impressive. This isn't like this weekend and the next we know in the next weekend. This is sketch fast in San Francisco. Get on a plane go. The Denver performed the next night. Go to Salt Lake for formula next night spokane Spain in in spokane as I can and not Gonzaga Gonzaga Agah. Did you drop this six. Pack of Beer. No Man have you have was. You're shaking your shaky do. I'm shaky. Yeah I was really nervous about the tour shaky dude and then we're going to come like it's it's performed get on a plane performed on a plane and I've never done anything like that and it's going to be very very interesting. It's going to be incredibly interest during winter behalf road during the winter. That's true I didn't even think these clubs are hopefully and all of y'all are hopefully ready for Maybe some hopefully hopefully not rescheduling if if mother nature gets in the way of Mother Nature. Well worry about that later. But it's very we're GONNA. It's GonNa be exhilarating can be very. Ah I think it's going to be a nice test to see how we're doing and also just be like here's some here's the here's the I mean it's kind of in line with what the content is currently which is has just sort of insane. Yeah Vary insane stuff as Ryan. I were talking about earlier. There's a little bit of a the shift in content is becoming more absurd. I like that a lot so I can only hope that translates live shows Kevin. How're you doing Kevin Black everybody? I'm doing well thank you so much. Wow yeah the second. Most important announcement is that Kevin is here. This is your second second or third podcast. A ferry pot ban we did it. Exclusive Gustav Shit here everybody. How're you doing Kim? I'm doing all right. You know what happened today. I woke up very very tired like very tired. One of those days that yeah. I don't want to get out of bed tired but I gotta get out of bed and that lasted and then I was like. I'm GONNA do a cold brew at starbucks so I got a Cobra. Tired and angry angry and nervous. Pumpkin cold brew. No just regular Nari Cobra and it spike wrote my body. Excuse me in Adrenalin But my brain is still completely dead. So now it's just a very weird feeling to have that so that's what it feels like. That's I know exactly what you're talking about and it feels like your your existing two feet outside of yeah like your body. has this feeling. I thought I'd turned it off. I'm sorry my fingers are excited but my brain is a a lot in my chest. My chest X is it the heartbeat. If I felt my heart beat. It wouldn't be fast. Yes not AH. That's good that's good. Sorry 'cause the the reason though that sometimes you wake up tired is not really. You're not waking up out of sadness you wake up out of the to rise but not literal clinical. Yeah it's hell stuff man. Yeah I know man. I'm sorry joining us here should we. Should we elaborate before I just. I just don't want you to elaborate abry but at the same time I don't want to I just don't know pressing should people. I just have a mean like all my thyroid in cortisol levels are all messed up. If people know what those are Terry Gland doesn't work right and so then I'll have days where I just wake up completely. Just what does the pituitary gland is actually does so cute a free and name what it does to put but like it controls controls your testosterone. Cortisol all your thyroid levels so it doesn't work then. None of those are going to work and your thyroid and I know this because of what my wife life is going through She had a directory recently. But I know exactly what you're talking about because once all that stuff is is outta whack the especially the thyroid. You'll it's it's like I'm going to sleep for three months and you can't and but you'll have you'll be up because that's how we all work you. You can't sleep three months at some point you're up and it's just but just so it turns into mental grap of like depression staff and everything. Yeah it's a big cycle and you hold it. You don't hold it in. You're very open person but you also don't lead with you. Don't walk you don't yeah. I don't because if I start wallowing in it or even thinking about it too much then it just kind of demotivates me completely. Yeah you know what else is that. I'll and this is me with my own personal stuff and again The journey I've had with my wife is you also I don't want to be defined by. Actually how young you are. You're you're at the age where even even tired. You have probably more energy which I know I can tell you got that drive arrive and that young man drive where you're you know you're taking life by the the balls as they say And it's like you don't want to be known as the guy or the guy I and it's like you want to be known by your work. I think you are by the way your what you do is is like. It's visionary it's we're GonNa Change Your bring a lot and we're GONNA kill that right now we're gonNA totally had enough. You've had time. I mean you guys riding on your talent and it's time to ride on your sit so yes I don't like being defined by the things you can't but yeah you're you're writing the nightmare not to speak to you that we've just talked about it a lot. That is you know it's it's there's nothing that's more frustrating than not getting answers. Yes on a medical level would know about Joe. Yeah which which which. I've been swimming in but then going to these doctors and institutions institutions in hospitals and. You're getting it younger than when I got it and my family got it is that you realize they're not superheroes are they are Kinda gotta guess and check their guess and check out of education and they're just try they're using you as just like Like dartboard but they even admit to it themselves at least it sounds like I'm just gonNA guess we're going to go with this because I don't really know what to do and what you don't know what to do so he's there a And I don't know if you know the answer to this but is there like an end game involved in this. Is there like a because they know so little. They're just let Yan game is like Whoa. Let's is just hope it starts working again. Wow Do Yahtzee. I'm telling you every time you go to the FRIGGING DOCTORATES Cup and flee your yacht so you're a full house and sometimes uh-huh rolling management to it's like almost just let's put a bunch of bandaids on treading water kind of what the main was it. was it. You said work again that it worked before and all of a sudden well because it goes. Yeah like because it's trying to control like I'm on medication for like two saw shown for vert thyroid and buff yeah And stuff so it's like we have to you know what else I'm I'm on which is gonNA draw a little bit. I'm on a woman's fertility medicine. Yeah because for some reason the two Sochaux Gel l. went like spiked to Sasha grown up insanely so they're like let's just try this and it's like okay now it's at a normal level just using this so I'm on that when did the when did the testosterone spike. You probably like two years ago two years okay. Yeah and that. Did you notice raging out. Well I noticed the area `Grande changed her brand. Yeah okay more full ponytail when my yeah you made her change we were all there. Kevin you start making this about you. You've reverberated throughout the assistance. No but the I remember feeling super stressed stress. It wasn't a good feeling it was like a constantly like I dunno on Edge Bruin out uh-huh define what it is to be like a dude just stressed out all the time and felt angry about things I couldn't control it was crazy. I don't know who you are. But you're all part of KAPPA. Kappa Blackie whackier kappa. Girl or boy was the Greek system at no one knows right so today. You're just in the tired zone. Yep but this isn't quite as bad as the day I would've told I tell you guys this is yeah. I can't Dan do any. We shut you down swift. Don't WanNa hear love that idea. Read it okay. Ah I was hoping we'd get back to do well. That's we can cut that whole conversation now. Now I have a problem Read it so I was Gonna ask ask you guys like okay so I I have friends. That are the red at friends and they've been living in and I think Steve is kind of like this a little bit but they kinda swear by it. It's it's their news it's there on. It's their gateway to the Internet. It's an opinion Releaser but also I think a generator a little bit as well. Yeah I am a I am a frequenter that does it duck casually lurker. I'm a lurker Never really posted Outside of that I've been directly involved with and that's even rare and so on ask you guys word. What are you frequent when you read it because there are some places that I'm like this makes me happy and then I've subscribed to an populates popular pages my front page or whatever? What do you guys? What do you guys read it? I mean the biggest one for me are like the credits and ask there so ask fun and all those yeah I just found no super questions which is really funny And then I don't know I just look at the basic ones to just like vineyards leads Funny stuff like that just for a random meam or anything like that I like explain it like I'm five. Oh good really fun. And I don't do the I don't subscribe to any Sub Bread. It's so I don't get any kind of curious. I think I just go to the regular homepage but I. I don't know maybe it's just maybe it's tracking. Nobody does it track well. That's what I mean. Yeah those are Kinda the main and then you can make an account and then subscribe to it. There's.

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