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Garmin not carbonated labs seve alcoholic from you know many many years uh i've done a lot against his teachings then i i think the farc writer samuli did was to be the plaintiff versus way you think roe v wade will be overturned yes she was quite upfront about why she moved past type position she'd gone to work for the illegal clinics in donnas as she was feeding a big hunk comfortable about it as time went on anyway i i really got extremely depressed when women would call into the clinics and wanted to make appointments were second trimester abortion but i think the tipping point to a certainty when flip batum and his outfit which was operation rescue which is now being renamed came and camped outside the abortion clinic so it over here so far right by body my choice for begin to stand up for some papers side your cell and the fish she couldn't stand tried to keep out of they win then they began to took to hire and she began to feel maybe they're not bad people and one morning he came over and he told me he says norma he says do you know that god is pro choice and i looked at him and i said what do you mean she was the sort of peasant who was very vulnerable to other people's commitment because she herself was so uncertain and he said well he's says got his pro choice but he he wants that everyone should choose live and then he showed me the scripture um and he read it to me from the bible and that that got me to thinking.

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