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Color, but it's also with his 98 rollbacks of environmental regulations is just creating more pollution in the communities that are already ah, disproportionately impacted. And of course, we see that With Kovac, 19 and I think it's really highlighted air pollution and environmental justice issues when we've seen that. Living in polluted communities are dying, especially people of color in African America at twice or three times the rate of white residents. And so I believe that the cove at 19 is really highlighted. Ah, the impact of ah core environment on health outcomes. We know that over 71% as let latte next people live in nonattainment areas, clean air standards, and I looked over 70% of African Americans. So we can understand now why there's such glaring health disparities and why the's communities are dying of covert 19 at a higher rate. The stars. We invite you to call in and ask Peggy Sheppard. Anything about environmental justice or tell us something about it that you're thinking, Be it a local issue. If you're in the New York area or local to wherever you happen to be, or national Green New Deal issue six for six for 35 70 to 86 46435 70 to 80 for Peggy Shepherd, founder of We Act for environmental justice. She's had been at this since 1988 and has become so prominent in as she points out what is now and more people's awareness than It never was before and kind of suddenly for a lot of Americans over the last few years. Let's say this thing called environmental justice. It's not new, but it's newly being centered. 646435 70 to 80 646435 70 to 80 We invite you to call in or tweet a question or a comment at Brian Lehrer. Peggy, What do you think of the Sierra Club announcement? On the racism of its founder, John Muir. Were you surprised that they came out so explicitly? Well. Michael Brune, who's the president of Sierra Club has been very active in promoting environmental justice and promoting hunger climate platform that centers equity. No, it doesn't surprise me that they stand that, of course, those about the Environmental justice movement have known about John Muir and talked about this for decades. So I believe that there has been a kind of a coming to Jesus moment for many of the big green organizations who have not. Centered people of cup. Ah, in their organizations. And, of course, that's AH, Hold another issue. Uh, when we think about the lack of diversity in and green group And you probably know there's been a green two point over court that looks at the state of diversity and environmental organizations. And so Michael, Grune and many, many others. Haven't issuing statements around black lives matter and that you exploit death and it's really creating. Ah, ah Real sea change in how the green groups are developing diversity strategies, improving their hiring on and there has been an improvement hiring The problem is is that they're leaking talent and have not been able to necessarily sustained the recruitment of people of color for a variety of reasons, but the fear club admission It does not surprise me. Also their last think two chairs of the board have been people of color on African American heiress from Albany like you who you are. And Ramon Cruz, who is putting the cannons or chair and so again, having diversity at the top levels of the organization, I think has really That organization to be better. Let's take a phone call Debbie and Lacey, New Jersey You're on WNBC with Peggy Shepherd. Hi, Debbie. Hi. Hello. I'm writing an environmental Bible study book for my church. Uh, so I guess, but I'm encountering as I talk to people and try to get people's views on the topic is Quite a few people believe that either man is not responsible for the environment or that we don't have any responsibilities. Do anything about it? Because This's kind of maybe God's plan. My God had had foretold in revelations, so they kind of don't want to take any responsibility for it. No, I don't even see it as a problem. What do you Recommend for talking to people in a church setting about the environment, how to get them to understand the issue and understand their responsibility. Well, you know, and many denominations there is the the Ah The concept of Of Ah, Creation theory. And if you really go back to the Bible, a CZ many denominations do so thoroughly. I think many parishioners will see. That you know the Bible and God and Jesus have really discussed the idea of maintaining a sustainable earth on maintaining the ICO. Diversity on DH, the biodiversity of our planet. And I think that when AH state leaders really go directly back to the Bible and teach those aspect that it should be influential, too many of those churchgoers and people of faith Jane in Great neck. You're on WNBC with Peggy Shepherd. Hi, Jane. Hide it. How you think it's taking my call? I have a question about the concept of life cycle costs. In other words, if you look at the wildlife refuge or you're with the area's Louisiana, your guests referred to, um The concept of how you repair the damage doesn't seem to be factored into how much this is costing our country. It seems to be more prominent in Europe that they take into the consideration the life cycle costs, so that's really my question. How does she do that? Well, we view that is very, very important, especially we have a lot of activists working on on toxics and chemicals. And you know the chemical lobby and the lobby has been very adamant about Really holding forth, not testing. You know, as you know, our federal government chest only a handful of of chemicals, and so we really Have a problem with the chemical and business industry that will not Focused on safety and so looking at the life cycle of our products is very important As you said, it's very it's very active in in Europe. But we have not been able to make that happen. Hopefully with a new administration, we can begin to to look at enforcement and studies around some of these chemicals on looking at the life cycle of our product. Certainly, you know, there's been a lot more Emphasis on this in terms of plastics and the plastic pollution that we're all living with Andi to that point when you say life silent when the life cycle and when the caller says life cycle of a product We're talking about, like building into the cost of a product the cost of disposing of the product eventually and of its packaging, rather than leaving that to the tax rolls down the line, right? Exactly or leaving it to Ah, landfill or to exporting it, Teo, You know, 1/3 World country, which doesn't have the kind of regulations to ensure protection of its residents and the environmental justice issue again. We have take a break. We'll come back and finish up with Peggy Shepherd. More of your phone calls. Stay with us. If.

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