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Drain cleaning for only $99. Michael answer. Traffic and weather on the eighth. Rita Kessler in the W. T O be traffic center. We only have an update on the Beltway in Prince George's County. It is the outer loop of the Beltway delays from 50 headed past 4 50 toward the Good Luck road overpass. The update is that the crash is completely cleared. The earlier accident activity had been taking the left lane in the right shoulder. But now there's nothing even left to look at, so you'll find everything starting to pick up their hopefully that delay will begin to ease. Also In Maryland on the Bay Bridge, the westbound span of the bridge. Still seeing some volume on westbound 15 year, Route eight, trying to get onto the bridge. They cleared the broken down vehicle from the right lane. But the left lane remains blocked with two way traffic prep. So two lanes across the bridge in each direction. No major delays anymore. Getting across the bridge, westbound and eastbound looks really good coming from safety point. Across the bridge toward Route eight Connecticut Avenue South bound after the Beltway. The work had been in the right lane. If you're in the district that delay begins on the inbound 14th Street Bridge across the case braids headed onto the Southeast Southwest Freeway to the third Street Tunnel. The work on the left side closer to South Capitol Street. There was a broken down box truck on the right side south and easy to 95. The volume from Burroughs Pasties Capitol Street, North bound slows, passing Pennsylvania Avenue in Virginia and 95 South bound slows crossing the Occoquan, the earlier delays in Quantico. Evie's nicely so that crash it clear from the left side, then so often on volume from courthouse Road, trying to go to the center Port Parkway and from 17 to the Rappahannock River Bridge north about 95 slows in Dale City and trying to get to the AKA kwon After you cross the AKA Kwan. It's good into Springfield onto 3 95. Westbound 66 is now slow all the way from the Beltway headed past nightly Street. But before 1 23 watch for any accident activity, we can't quite quite see the shot in camera. We do see the delays but not quite sure why that is such an extensive backup eastbound the slowdown from 1 23 toward Nutley, possibly some a rubber necking there for whatever's going on on the westbound side. Also, that's within that long term work zone where you lose the left side of the roadway. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Our forecast from storm Team four's Chuck Bell large area of high pressure is providing quiet weather not just here in the mid Atlantic, but all the way up into the Northeast and from our points south.

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