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And so we went to the Blue Lagoon and the blue lacunas really have seen this video. I'm going to visit. Burma actually been there before. Does you know that the Silica damages frames so I put a video up like if you like borderline embarrassing even talking about it because it still feels very fraudulent to consider myself any kind of like viral. Anything I basically just said like. Hey if you come to the blue geared. Don't wear glasses get daily disposable contact for like this moment basically it got that one video got me thirteen thousand followers in one night. Wow I don't care they'll get on there for like four or five months so I still am very new. So that's why feels so Friday but it's crazy the kids. WanNa now man. Obviously you're creating educational content asking doctors to go on in light necessarily overtime videos year. An exactly leaves part of our professional ambassador to the exactly. Yes a couple of days ago I did one on brock strain like how to use the brock. String because and you can make one at home right. We're all under fourteen 'cause I did. A binocular vision disorders video. That kind of went a little crazy so then I did a follow up like hey. Here's a brock string. You can make it home. Focus like this is what physiological the PROPIA is and I don't know it's like get five hundred thousand views or something Burbach string like inferior brock. String would be very uncomfortable right. You need to undergo less avenue. It's been a while even even heard that turnouts school. I know I had to go find my rock strings. Oh Man oh man I feeling onto the key is to find the trend and then morph it into your specialty right so and you have to. The this is what's crazy about it so I know for me with instagram and I really kind of over think things and talk has made me stop doing that. Because as soon as the trend head it's gone and really happy. Just put it out there or it will walk. Gotcha will feeling. We're maybe I will try. This tried and I was trying to pull it up while she was talking. I heard the song by latest on there because people have all types of crazy song and I was going to see how many followed of the hat. But I don't ask for much it. We're getting pretty video. What is your handle. Their visas handle barrel. Dr Narrow Glover the R. D. A. R. R. Y. Gloves Yellow V. E. R. Let me see. Now that's after lights every follower than eleven light. So they're doing now. You have four followers now like you polity videos and it's like two hundred twenty one hundred forty one people keep yielded. So it'd be like would be doing a few of US eight mile. Allow your social handles everybody so that you follow again. I would love that so on instagram. I care on the square which I wanted to you guys now. That like. There's this doctor wrote a tick tock following. I made you a professional doctor rose instagram to. I duNno I duNno right now here on the air. You know I agree with you. I'm a firm believer that you know you don't want to confuse doctor to patient with doctor to doctor business. Business Business to consumer I haven- different channels. You can be more. Work is more beneficial because at the end of the day you can be profit of profitable both ends at one you know. And you don't want to confuse that message between your patient base and I can't professional mason you know with these different social media platforms algorithms lurk at certain way. You know people follow you. Show up more on their pages of their friends pages of things like that so. I don't talk at all like that but I know with instagram. You can see how the algorithms where to follow you. I'm a firm believer boys have in your professional and business page Completely separately but some people on both and they do extremely well. Yes they can but for right now. I count the squares instagram Pick talk as Dr Rose. All all fell out the O. C. T. O. R. R. O. S. C. Lincoln Dr Carly Rose and I am about to launch a YouTube. I just got my tripod in light today so for Youtube but I have no idea how that platform work. So it's coming but I don't have a handle or anything yet for that. So doctor rose on picked up and down the Graham. Lincoln is Dr Carla Road. Awesome now what we like to do before we let any guests go. Just words of wisdom You know the law. Moore's and listeners out there in the world of my favorite quotes I'll tell you guys progress over perfection at heart. I'm kind of a perfectionist. And that will get in your way and ruined right so I personally have the say. Don't let perfection be the enemy of better right progress ever perfection and number two is. You can't read about push up you. Just gotTa get in there and do the work right at the end of the line. -solutely awesome thank you so much for your time. Today is great all right colleagues and it's a rack. Thank you daily for hanging out. 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