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WHO's it is a gorgeous stadium for more on that the idea behind it and the execution of the plan, welcome in their president that would be Jonathan Griffith Jonathan Lance McAlister how are you? Great doing great down here. Land I had to be on here to tell us. How did this one I love the idea. How did the idea come about? You know it's one of those things that minor league baseball like everybody else. We haven't had any business as far as the though so we're always throwing out ideas. And actually we were the owner and his daughter. We were sitting in the office. Filling out ideas and randomly the hair airbnb came up and it was like well. Yes, we can run with this. And we just started running with. It happened about three weeks ago and you know with everything being on true lockdown. We were just planning for eventually. We will open up once. We opened up what you may do and this was one of the ideas that we came up with. And, it's been going well. What is the cost per night to rent the stadium? We fifteen hundred dollars for ten people to be able to sleep in the clubhouse. You abandon cage, and of course used to field as well one of the great things. We have as well as a lot of upgrades that you're able to have their. You can have a fireworks show. You could have a movie night. You can have a set up just like you know. The the big leaguers with the cage and everything else to and then, of course we have chef on staff, which is a pretty unique for us as well so you can have any meal that you would like They're in the clubhouse. We've actually already had. We also run bubbling sweet spot candy store, and I screamed shop that we actually have an ice cream bar or the first weekend so It's really exciting for the. The people get to use the ballpark and of course for us, you know the big thing is meeting on mission to improve the quality of like not merely and and being able to let people have that ability to come there for pretty affordable price and get to being in the stadium, and and of course jobs you know that that's key and making sure that we're able to employ people, and and even have jobs at the Blue Office Jonathan. What's the response been since these nights became available? Pretty Amazing not only immediate pension. Wise. We've been literally worldwide. We were Japan. Canada. But we, we sold out our first thirty three nights within twenty four hours. And we've actually. Reservations because of the fact that we don't. We'll have based on July and August, and show then we'll be starting in the fall and then fortunately, unfortunately, we have a college football team that plays here as well University of Florida, so we're kind of working around everything to make sure that we don't have football players or baseball players dinner..

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