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Movie as you say, in, perhaps, the last of them with these particular characters in them until the inevitable reboot. Of course, this is a film centering on the character of Jean grey. It's based on a much beloved dark Phoenix a comic book series from the late seventies early eighties in the comic magazine, and Jean grey is played by Sophie Turner. She is the Tele Connectik telepathic X person, you might say also very psychologically, fragile because she carries a lot of guilt. She thinks she caused the death of her parents and in a mission to space to save the space shuttle. She is imbued with extraordinary power from some sort of mysterious space, cloud, and that joins together with the revelation of. Some truths from her past. She hadn't been aware of, to turn her into a really powerful and imposing and potentially destructive character that the other X men have to try to rein back in and simultaneously. She's also being pursued by a villain from space who wants to extract that power from her, and it all turns into a big free for all as you can. Well, imagine lots of special effects, lots of battles, lots of confrontations, and a final culminating battle on a train really that finally brings an end to the whole x-men saga. At least as I say, for the moment, this is a picture that I think doesn't quite do it in terms of giving fans a satisfactory, ending to a series of they've been watching for almost twenty years, the last X men movie apocalypse was big. And, and kind of silly. But at least it had a certain brand your to it, this one really doesn't it seems kind of Wimpy by comparison to all the other superhero movies around. I think most x-men men fans will be more disappointed than not with this fixture. Unfortunately, and unfortunately, Sophie Turner of who is the real star of the picture is a very bland, actress of apparently, she was on game of thrones or something one of those shows and gained some notoriety from that, but she doesn't prove a very effective big screen actress. So I, I would have to say that this is one of the blander superhero movies out there this year. All right, next step is an animated film, the secret life of pets.

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