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They came back because they were. You know people of their word and they wanted to to try to help. But i think that's super super compelling about this story. Is that if you've got experienced people telling you this is absolutely horrifying. And they've dealt with some of the most horrifying things you can imagine then you you have to take it a lot more seriously and i think that's the thing that kinda sticks with me about amityville agree. Yeah i think. I think that as far as i know as far as eddin lorraine warren go i. I don't know that they've ever been caught in a lie or caught. Faking anything or any of that. And i could be wrong ryan. You might know i. I think the answer is no but it hero. It's complicated because they've been accused of faking things and what has happened. A couple times is that they went and investigated something in like for a great examples. The enfield poltergeist. Which is the story of the second conjuring movie At a certain point in reality the girls involved were found to be faking some of the things that were going on right but they weren't faking everything. They were faking some stuff because they wanted the because things wouldn't happen every time somebody visited they had they had moments where Police officers were watching. You know things get thrown across rooms and they watched girl. The girls in the family actually being picked up and pushed across Rooms and they saw that there was a shoe thrown at a door at one point and that's caught on film like there's a lot of things that that happened that were that were definitely happening but stuff didn't happen every time and the girls wanted people to help them so at certain points they would actually fake things because they wanted stuff to happen when people were there so they would see it. So i mean that's it's such a slippery slope though because because for me for me that kind of discredits the entire story you know what i mean..

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