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I'm Jack rotavirus is widening its presence in the United States Oregon governor Kate brown have Oregon's first case of the covert nineteen coronavirus the state tell directors as like two cases in California this person has not traveled the patient has spent time at the lake Oswego school district at Forest Hills elementary school we're working with the local school officials and the Oregon department of education in the response there are nearly sixty five cases now in the United States health secretary Alex a czar says testing kits are being distributed nationwide the CDC says normal hygiene like hand washing will help reduce the spread closed factories limited travel and supply shortages tanked stocks again the Dow lost another three hundred fifty seven point the worst week on Wall Street since October two thousand eight ended with more declines for the Dow Jones industrial average and the S. and P. five hundred the Dow gave up another three hundred fifty seven points in one week the Dow lost three thousand five hundred eighty three points it was part of a global selloff sparked by worries about corona virus White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow tried again to calm jittery investors people showed up not overreact in the final fifteen minutes of trading there was a rally of sorts after the federal reserve said it stands ready to help the economy if needed I might cross yeah president trump took a campaign swing to South Carolina on the eve of the democratic primary there we're building great futures the radical left Democrats in Washington are trying to burn it all down next week brings super Tuesday authorities are investigating whether deputies in Los Angeles might have shared graphic photos of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant his daughter and seven others this is APNews prince Harry and Bon Jovi have teamed up in London ahead of the Invictus games.

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