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What the injury depends what the injury willing to take that risk because to play I have nothing to give you they have to give you I have nothing to give your family. They have nothing to give your family. But we're so. You know, it's unfortunate. What happened is? I odd. We we, you know, we feel bad for him and his family of Duke family here, you know, at blue devil nation. We feel terrible. I never want to see a kid waste his dreams. It it. You know, I know he'll house back from his like nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to see coach K walk up to a podium in intil be how sorry for keyed with a prophecy future that just derailed it because. Oh, golly. Oh, jeez. We really need you to win another title force. No. But that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is if nobody's talking him into it. Nobody squeezing him. Nobody's doing anything other than he decides. You know, what I came to Duke? I'm healthy. It was it was a weird freak thing where my shoe mouth function. I wanna play Jay. But that's my point is in your trying to coax him into it. It's not coach K going eight, man. I need you out there. Hey, we really need another championship. But he's on Williamson decides he wants to do that. But what if he okay that? I can't I can't take my buy there because he's not gonna he's gonna do it. Just for the sake of doing the coaches are going to have to tell him we need you you're helping to do it. He's just not gonna wake about the bear with this. I feel good. I'm gonna go play. No. He's that. Because it's too much at risk. He has a family to think about his parents. I can promise you his parents are not telling him to get back on the court. Probably not probably not half to gate you've won the plane there. There is no what two at all. There is. No would there is none I serious. There is a war to is much as you use it in why go in the first place because you had to another option. He could go to Europe say, Gordon, you go to a bunch of Europe as an eighteen year old American kid or seventy year seventeen eighteen seventeen eighteen year old kid going to you have to try to play bass. Football four away from your family, your love woods, it a foreign country. All this totally different. Raymond. James, right. Yeah. But Brandon Brandon Jennings did it, but branding jigs did get any better playing overseas. He certainly stocked. It rise by plague oversee Brandon Jennings a one and done kid excuse me, scratch that had the rule not been a place where you had to go be a one and done. If you could if the rule were still you could come straight at a high school with Brandon Jennings have been a straight to the NBA kit problems, probably so, okay. And he's probably would've wait where he went in address..

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