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Oh i got pangbourne yes in which case so it's already a top five it's a class the film for its pickup bass have some like interesting efforts where they're like oh you're trying to make a psychedelic marvel movie like i get it but it may be in retrospect is not a good ds and i think now i'm like but i actually was just like i thought cumberbatch was was used just enough cumberbatch is doing his best and having a good time and the goatee off between him and downey was me pay dividends yes but i i just think this is an example of a wanted to character and it it it wasn't the right time for this movie to happen in a way what i mean is what's cool about doctor strange as a character in the comics in his role in these giant crossovers is he knows fucking everything yeah in his approach into it is always super weird and oblique and they did pay service of that with his running the options running all nations simulate but in the narrative of the character and in the movies he's the new guy yeah and as new spiderman basically and so that didn't work for me but but the other thing was the movies i think succeed because kevin foggy and his people made a smart choice not to tip too far into weird they have a pretty firm handle on what's possible and what's not and as we said the level of ality is mantis is a slinky for a minute you know they don't go past that really and the the the end result of that strategy is the doctor strange's abilities seem to be making cool hand gestures and causing force fields and teleporting and i'm like well okay but he doesn't seem as interesting to me because of that so i i was disappointed in.

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