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Exit wanted sandwich that could be that paving crew the pothole crew set up again working their way east bound Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes we have some showers in western Massachusetts right now making their way into Worcester county closer towards Boston and the coast we're seeing some sun actually it's a pretty good day out there mix of sun and clouds high near sixty six in Boston you make your way north and west will see a high today in the lower seventies for tonight mostly cloudy some showers still popping up around a low in the mid to upper fifties tomorrow certainly warmer than it has been a shower and storm in the afternoon high near eighty in the city but if you make your way south down toward the Cape and islands a lotus R. hi brother just about low seventies Thursday nice and warm plenty of sunshine a high in the lower eighties this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop it is sixty two right now in Boston at twelve fifteen good afternoon to you and Nicole Davis great to be with you this afternoon here are the five things you need to know this hour president trump in Washington joined by First Lady melania trump visiting the Saint John Paul the second shrine by returns to Boston as tensions flare in cities all over the country several arresting clashes in Worcester a police cruiser set on fire in Providence six police officers in Atlanta have been charged over excessive use of force during a protest incident involving college students the sodas Attorney General says he doesn't plan on rushing into a decision about making anymore rests when it comes to the George.

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