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Of top my list I know that it was going to be a good opportunity to try to get there and learn especially Seoul be here with a guy like that Joe Flacco expected to start at quarterback for the Broncos in that Thursday night pre season game at CenturyLink lousy news in a tough baseball season for the mariners utility man Tim Beckham gets an eighty game suspension for violating major league baseball's P. E. D. policy using a banned anabolic steroid Beckham issued a statement taking full responsibility and apologized to fans the team and his family sports update to ten and forty after the hour I'm bill Swarts on the home of the Huskies come owners are come on news time six eleven it appears the mayor of Dayton Ohio nan Whaley is reluctant for the president to visit her city after nine were killed in that mass shooting over the weekend meanwhile Ohio's governor wants to implement a plan to prevent future shootings in Ryan burrows following at all for A. B. C. news and talk about it with couples Taylor band size there's no shortage of words from the national politicians after mass shootings like this but what sort of action is Ohio's governor prepare to take at the state level he laid out a seventeen point plan it includes a number of different issues everything from background checks stricter punishments yet to gun offenders in one form or another more mental health treatment at least when it comes to availability and laid out a series of things that he says he knows will not prevent every bad thing from happening the things that would make this state of Ohio much safer if these seventeen actions that were implemented in and he didn't mince any words saying that he wants all seventeen of them not just one or two things here and there he thinks that all of them together will help whether it be for mental health treatment whether it be for restricting guns whether it be for punishing stronger people who have gone to should not have gone live so that the that that with his perspective and actually man we leave the the mayor here I agree with him and stop that this was a good step for an agreed with everything but thought that the the the governor I did a good job of laying that out politically speak is the governor likely to face much push back in accomplishing those goals and you know we'll see this was a very dramatic events for the state of Ohio we get the president coming here tomorrow we'll hear what he had to say if anything about the the restrictions that when it comes to guns when it comes to mental health things like that and we'll see how it plays throughout the state this is still very much an open wound in the state so I I think people are kind of gingerly coming out that that you've got people from both sides the that have been very vocal in the last few days but we'll see when when push comes to shove it you've got up with you know signatures on paper that kind of where they land ABC's Ryan borough with us on come on news and that's come was Taylor band size the investigating and in the investigation into the shooting at the annual garlic festival in Gilroy California has taken a new turn ABC special friends and has more the F. B. I. announcing its opening a full domestic terror investigation into the garlic festival shooting in California we have seen a fractured ideology the shooter appear to have an interest in varying competing violent ideologies San Francisco special agent in charge John Bennett says federal investigators don't have a motive yet but found evidence the alleged gunman had a target lists and Tino llegan the alleged shooter shot by officers on scene and autopsy report determined llegan died by a self inflicted gunshot wound Michelle Franzen ABC news and coming up on six fourteen marina rock injure with our como triple a traffic.

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