President Trump, Hillary Clinton, Soros discussed on PBS NewsHour


Clinton encouraging rally chance of locker. He's insulted. Former CIA director Brennan as a loud mouth partisan political hack and threatened to revoke his security clearance and a president who often derides the press has singled out CNN for particular sport. Soros. A long time donor to progressive causes around. The world has also long been a target of conservatives in the far right one. Recent film, endorsed by the president's son Donald junior went so far as to label Soros a Nazi collaborator. The billionaire investor survived Nazi occupation in his native, Hungary as a child at a campaign rally in Florida today, a sombre Hillary Clinton said she worried for the direction of the country. But it is a troubling time. Isn't it? And it's a time of deep divisions. And we have to do everything we can to bring our country together for the PBS news hour, I'm on Nevada's. As of this hour, neither the FBI nor other law enforcement officials have provided any motive for the pipebombs late today. CNN president Jeff Zucker criticized the president quote, the president, and especially the White House press secretary. He said should understand their words matter thus far he added they have shown no comprehension of that. Let's check back into New York City this evening about this tense, and sometimes confusing day Hari Sreenivasan is therefore us. He joins us from Columbus circle on the west side of Manhattan horror. You are standing right in front of the Time Warner building. What's the situation there?.

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