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Alliance. And the Colorado chapter of the Sierra Club doesn't like oil and gas, apparently. So they decided that they were going to protest against the Western energy alliance that was having Golf outing earlier this week. And the way they did it. Was to fly an airplane. Over. The Western Energy Alliance is golf outing. And then they sent out a tweet about their protest. But but then, But then they deleted the tweet after a bunch of people pointed out to them. That they were pro testing fossil fuels by using an airplane that requires fossil fuels to fly around and so Oh, my gosh. And so, uh, now, actually when, when you go to the Sierra Club, Colorado Sierra Club's Twitter feed where they used to have that tweet of their their protests over the oil and gas groups event that tweet has been deleted. You know, this is the thing. When you're just so mindless and moronic that your goal in life is to end the production of the substances that made modern, convenient, comfortable life possible. Well, your brain dead enough that you won't realize your own hypocrisy. Right? You're you're Fighting against The things that let people drive to work and cook their food and heat their homes or cool their homes. Do this this time of year. And you know all these things, get on an airplane and take a vacation. You hate all of those things. And so when you're When your cult is as disconnected from reality as you must be to be part of a group like, you know, Sierra Club or or their worst groups in Sierra Club. There are parts of Sierra Club that, you know, care about the environment and, you know, making sure that the mountains are lakes and rivers are clean and stuff like that, but the real cultish part of these groups where there's against fossil fuels. There. There's so moron IQ and anybody anybody who is part of a group whose goal is to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. They should really They should really be ashamed of themselves right and they should be ridiculed at every turn, and I'm saying Even if it's your aunt, you know you should ridicule her about this until they stop and don't back down. And don't let them say Oh, you don't care about the planet like the bottom line. Is this these environmentalists? They don't really care about the planet. They just hate people. Pretty much. That's what it's about. They hate people because otherwise they wouldn't want to make it impossibly expensive for you to have a job or cook your food or heat your home. Um, but, uh, those people those lunatics are are in charge. Right now. In Washington, D C. You will recall that one of the first things That Grandpa Joe did was to cancel the federal permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Now the Keystone XL pipeline would take oil from the Alberta oil sands. And route it via this pipeline to places mostly in the southern US where it would be refined into products that we would use gasoline for our cars in oil for other things in yada, yada yada now it's not like Without this pipeline. They're not going to produce the oil instead of what will happen is they will produce the oil and it will just be transported in ways that are more dangerous and also create more pollution. Through the forms of transportation. And then it will, uh, to some degree, especially to the degree that they end up sending in any of it overseas. It will be refined. In ways that also use more energy for the refining and create more pollution in the process of refining because America has very efficient Refiners. If they end up sending a bunch of this to China, China is going to refine. In a way it's going to put a lot more pollution into the air. By the way, I'm not talking about carbon as pollution. Carbon is not pollution. It's plant food. I'm talking about real pollution particulate matters and sulfates and all that stuff. And, of course, the transportation. When you kill the pipeline, you're going to have to transport that the oil by trucking by train. And those have quite high risks of accidents and big spills. And all that, anyway, the reason I mentioned all this after, uh Grandpa Joe, who does Seem like, you know, he might be a candidate for the new Alzheimer's drug. Not that the new Alzheimer's drug, not that we know that it works. But you know, he and his wife made like 16, or $17 million after leaving the White House from speaking fees, and I think she wrote a book and that sort of thing so You know they could They could try the new drug. See? See if it would help him anyway. The company That Is behind. Keystone Exhale used to be called Trans Canada and now they're called TC energy. They announced yesterday that they are giving up. On the Keystone XL pipeline. They've decided to terminate the project, according to CNN business terminate after a comprehensive review of its options and consulting with the government of Alberta, Canada. The company said it would coordinate with regulators, stakeholders and indigenous groups to ensure a safe exit from the project. The cancellation ends more than a decade of controversy over the pipeline and marks a big win for environmentalists who argued the project threaten the environment and would only worsen the climate crisis. God these people are dumb. Just I know. Listen in My dad may be listening right now. And, Dad, If you're listening, you can text me and tell me my, uh My dad doesn't like it when I call people, dumb or stupid or something on the air. And yet I'm just These days. I'm just so Loss to come up with other words, you just stupid is such a understandable direct word. Everybody knows what it means. Yet we can come up with all kinds of other euphemisms for it. And people know that dumb is pretty good, synonym for stupid most of the time, and I just I feel bad when I use that word sometimes because I know my my dad has cautioned me against using the word stupid too much on the air, but we're surrounded by so much stupidity. I just Don't know what else to do. Oh, my gosh. I mean, listen to these people. Kendall Mackey, campaign manager of this group called 3 50 dot org in their their campaign is called, Keep it in the ground right because they do not want you to be able to drive to work or heat your.

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