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Roman mica joining us from the fast lane truck in the fall slain car, Roman does your wife is she upset and we spending so much time together. No, no. I guess she will we have been on an unusually large amount of events together car events where I think it wasn't through design. It was just through luck. Right. At this point. Wait. You're my work wife. I thought I was your work. Like, all right. We can argue about this later re recently, we did the testing for the performance current performance SUV of the year as chosen by the automotive video association, which is a gathering of the top video produces in the United States five hundred thousand cumulative annual views between all of those involved in the whole organization, and so we were up at welches, which is just by Mt hood, and we got the testes vehicle, so Roman synopsis in a takeaway, how did you find this year's event wonderful any time you get behind the wheel of you know. Five thousand horsepower or something crazy like that. It's a good day. And I got to do something really unique which is. Take a Maserati off road. People will do I did I got I got behind the wheel of this hundred and twenty five thousand dollars Maserati, LeBron KGPS noticed it in the center council. There was a little button that said off road. And I was like they wouldn't put an awful but car they didn't want a cigarette. This is how you explain it's a Maserati, by the way, if you had an offroad, but my head to test that. What else did you put it? Right. And so I found I found a little dirt road and this year, I've been very lucky I've gotten to do some crazy off taking a Jeep on Rubicon trail until you get blocked their pass, which is but clenching throw that basically has a two thousand. I've taken. Dread cone, which is a very crazy. Crazy. Tough course in Colorado at the top of the a thirty degree load straight down or that. You don't get it. Right. The scariest thing I did all year, actually. This. So we'll get about. So you know, you have this car that's not necessarily designed to go on from. It has an opera button. What are you gonna do? And how did it do? You know, what it has got air suspension? So when you push the button wondering what happened basically it gives you more ground clearance. So objects up the car on its toes, and all of a sudden the rocks that would normally embrace expensive nose chin pieces. You drive over. And then there was a section where it was kind of articulated in one wheel. Got in holes. And and we'll try to figure that out and got the car up the hill. So that was actually really impressed by how dry system does I suppose it makes sense. 'cause. Of course owned by FCA, which is also part of the Jeep family. So I expect some of that Jeep technology into a Maserati, it would make sense. So we're five TV's that we tested that made the final cut of.

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