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Six seventy kboi idaho political news junkies like j howell wanna hear this one in idaho supreme court well the idaho supreme court made a ruling that has some lawmakers here in our state concern adding in to the upcoming session in january idaho's legislative council that on friday discussing the legislature now being required to wait for all their bills to be transmitted to the governor's desk before they can adjourn for the session now according to the idaho statesman the idaho supreme court ruled earlier this year it's illegal for the legislature to a juror learn before the governor gets all the bills passed throughout the session instead the legislature has to present all the bills to the governor then they can go home after he gets the mall now several council members objected to holding off on actually adopting that new procedure pointing out the importance of the legislature dab burned guidelines the council though didn't make any real decision on that matter friday but they did agree on this they hope that the session which starts in january will adjourn by march 27th this next year we'll have more of course on the legislature as it becomes a little closer to it over the weekend the discovery center of idaho gave some local girls a chance to experience cutting edge technology for themselves a soup of girls to go over veer one in eagle this weekend there are part of the coating camp at the discovery center of idaho twenty girls got to experience cutting edge virtual technology and based on all the hooting hollering they really enjoyed it here's the program coordinator jennifer thorn quest i'll i'm so excited president alexander until last saturday they are learning about turning i'm ben wright an ankle now the girls will take that experience in trying to build virtual reality programs dci in that coating camp brain moore kboi two news for six seventy kboi time for real time numbers on six seventy kboi brought to you by science bank is the market is now open and the market is down.

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