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The first conversation between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee offered the California senator the running mate slot on his ticket. We'll discuss that today plus. How are the Republicans and the trump campaign dealing with the Harris pick how they framing the argument against her And finally, their first public event. What does the Biden Harris Ticket look like? Hello everyone. David Chalian the CNN, political director this is the daily DC. So the history is clear Kamala. Harris is a barrier breaker in terms of being the first black woman the first Indian American woman on the ticket for a major party's presidential nomination team. It isn't just historic because of her race or gender though it is that, but it is an American story as Harris will tell you I went back to listen to her very first day on the presidential campaign trail in twenty nineteen when she launched her presidential campaign and she was asked at her first press conference do identify as African American do identify Indian American and her answer was identify as an American. And it is that quintessential American story being the daughter of immigrants that is going to be woven into all of her high profile moments. In this campaign, a vice presidential running mate has three major moments in the public eye. If all goes well, sometimes they can have more if it doesn't go well. The rollout which we are now a day into and so far seems to be a pretty successful one. We'll see as the days ahead emerge with more and more scrutiny for her. You have the convention speech that's coming next Wednesday night so In preparation mode for that, and then you have the debate that you'll have with Mike Pence in October those are the moments and in those moments, Kamala Harris will no doubt tell her deeply American story and one other thing? Kamala Harris is going to have to figure out as how to best be deployed in the covert era of a campaign normally a high profile surrogate. That's what the number two person is and you would go all over the country but with travel basically removed from the equation, no rallies how does the Biden team use Kamala Harris Day in and day out in a virtual campaign world to accomplish the electoral goals they want to accomplish. A couple of other things to watch with cholera Harris now on the ticket one, how is Donald. Trump and his campaign and the Republicans are they framing the argument around her again this is going to be a race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden we're talking a lot about Karma Harris in these hours after her announcement as the VP pick but four, the most part American voters are not going to really consider Mike Pence or Kamala Harris for Kamala. Harris to be probably the most expected pick Biden was going to make for five months of his process of deliberation the Republicans the president his campaign seems a little slow out of the gate settling on a frame it seemed A. Bit Scattershot, get the president using that derogatory term he loves to use for women specifically women of Color Nasty at his press conference yesterday that certainly doesn't seem like that's going to hold all that. Well, you had this notion of trying to call her phony Kamla that somehow because she ran against Joe Biden and now she's on the ticket. She's a phony, just a finger in the wind politician of course, George H W Bush was running against Ronald Reagan but he joined his ticket Joe Biden Against Barack. Obama. But he joined his ticket we've seen that time and again in American history. So I'm not sure that will hold. It seems today the Republicans are settling on Kamala Harris is. That is now the bucket they're using the throw all the Comma Harris oppo into this notion that's she's extreme and that she is GonNa Push. Joe. Biden too far left. I'm not sure that's going to work for them because she spent the bulk of her presidential campaign fending off criticism from the left. And finally, today the first time you see the presidential nominee with their vice presidential running mate. It's always a moment to note, take stock of take a look at the body language. The chemistry are they gelling together? Well, this first event between Biden and Harrison Wilmington. Delaware. Today, we'll be first clues into what this newly formed bond and relationship will look like however it's unlike any other before. It because of the covert era so even their first joint appearance is going to have to navigate social distance guidelines and other matters that may make assessing their chemistry, their body language together all that more difficult though it is certainly a sign of the Times of how this partnership is being formed in this totally unprecedented era of presidential politics give listen to the Biden Harris ticket in Wilmington today. By fellow Americans. Let me introduce to you. For the first time. Your next. Vice. President. United States. Kamala. Harris. Kamla. Floors Yours. As? I said Joe when you called me, I am incredibly honoured by this responsibility. And I'm ready to get to work. I am ready to get to work. That does it for today's edition of the daily DC. Thank you all so much for listening. See Tomorrow. 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