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Please welcome i'm so excited back podcasting with taryn armstrong taryn are you i'm great although if i don't end up winning a pizza party by the end of this podcast i'm going to be pretty annoyed i'd better at least get some wendy's out of this yes so impressed i watched taryn do a whole podcast about big brother by himself on sunday was amazing that he doesn't even have a guest sometimes and talks about big brother and then we just do point counterpoint with myself yes and even better now tonight we have a fantastic guest with us here to talk about everything from big brother canada three and big brother canada five please welcome the great brunello to the podcast burner how are you amazing what's up thinking for having me guys looking forward tonight for sure yes bruno very excited to talk with you as well thank you for joining us tonight and really to dig into i thought this was a really good episode taryn yes yeah enjoyed it i think that they had a lot of good material and they they managed to not totally mess it up so that's great bruno has been going for you you know what things are gonna amazing i can't complain at all life's been good at busy keeping busy kids keep me busy everything's great for sure hear that bruno i hear that we're going to take your questions here tonight hashtag rha you can pose your questions in the chat room as well scott saintpierre is standing by and we'll talk about everything from this interesting episode tonight here or four kayla as she decides who her nominees are going to be bruno big brother candidates six so far what do you.

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