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And by hard i mean literally or figuratively so ring into tell me the hard thing i'm singing about and if you correct you're gonna earn a bonus point by telling me the name of the song or even just the artist that i'm parodying ready yes here we go ticks let's chew romaine with some crossing pour your iq knew that guy jamal the skull a skull is correct bonus point can you name the original song or artist i'm drawing a complete blank right now and everyone and collective side everyone everyone's very disappointed in jamal purple haze jimi hendrix oh i'm to big gonna make some brownies and banana bread these things that crunch shaw ride then the gods show flack clin walnuts walnuts is the answer want to say there's a note in the script says do not accept pecans they have smooth shells i do not think p cons look like klingons head they don't know look for the bonus point can you name the artist the white stripes seven army the threat okay then to mount dorie tv dressed in black minna b.

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