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Manhunt is underway in Texas after two police officers were shot and other killed in an early morning ambush Police in Houston say the three were checking out a disturbance outside a nightclub when someone opened fire from behind One person is in custody they're looking for an Hispanic male in his early 20s they believe may have been the shooter a report says The White House climate program will likely be cut entirely from the multi $1 trillion spending bill that has been stalled in Congress The New York Times reports the Biden administration's reconsidering the climate agenda because of strong opposition from one senator from Cole rich West Virginia Joe Manchin The trial of three white men accused of killing a black jogger in Georgia is now set to start on Monday Jury selection will begin in the Ahmad Arbery murder case Charles Tex Watson a member of the Manson Family back in the 60s will stay behind bars The 75 year old serving time for his role in the Tate LaBianca murders involving his fellow Manson cult members Watson's eligible for another parole hearing in 5 years I'm Scott Carr And I'm susannah Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom The world's supply chain woes are bearing down on U.S. auto garages we get more about that from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini The supply chain shortage means it's just harder to get even mundane things for cars like oil filters or carpeting An auto repair shop owners say typical delays of what used to be a day or two are now stretching into weeks in some cases The global semiconductor shortages cut the production of new vehicles And that's leading to a surge in demand and prices unused cars and forcing people to keep their old ones longer In turn those older vehicles need repairs which are now taking longer because of supply chain snarls To these Pellegrini Bloomberg radio Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff pleaded for president Donald Trump to release him from prison early insisting he never denied his crimes but complaining his 150 year sentence was more than some notorious traitors received In 2019 Madoff asked Trump to commute his sentence as an act of mercy and grace the application for clemency was obtained Friday by Bloomberg news under the freedom of information act Trump's clemency never came and made off died in prison in April at the age of 82 It's another sign that Broadway is making its comeback from COVID as we hear from Bloomberg's.

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