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On the ballot because she wrote where you're supposed right whether you're a democrat or republican she wrote the date so she louis can't get on the ballot legally because when she failed on her election paper she wrote that date instead of democrat now she's the democrats the stabbing me they'd allow me to go out and get your right they don't want to go on it because they realize this is horrible and by the way no republicans running against her of course not you might as well we might as well just surrender and say we're like chicago new york enemy i suppose if there was a reasonable chance for republican women have district they would but anyway so she she if he remains banned from running says the dallas morning news the the other galbraith running against her in the democrat primary will win it will become the judge because no republican running but here's a one of the things our opponent says she often keeps defendants on probation that they committed a crime the judicial commission for the state though such a use the prestige of our office to help resolve her nephews pending case he failed to me with patients dignity and courtesy when she shamed and reprimanded the jurors a before that verdict on the rape case the jersey actually complained to the judicial commission that this judge hawthorn told them after an october 2016 guilty verdict in a rape case that she would have found the man not guilty she lecture them a rapist she's a a white democrat so how much one of those like a black mentioned like you know you're wearing his life quite frankly am disturbed one juror toll a recall recalled her saying the judge i am disturbed by the way you came back with such a harsh verdict and sentence this for this man's life in such a short period of time did you even discussed the details of the.

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