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Spiked the ball with authority inside the Superdome. The the the background on that. Is you guys are too young? But when when the saints the saints are like seven, maybe eight no when we played them, Chris if you're looking at the box score, you would know this. They were seven going into the game. That's right. I I remember because I was I was ten and I remember Pat swilling von Johnson Sam mills just wreaking havoc with the entire Rickey Jackson hall of Famer Rickey Jackson with the entire NFL at that point. Okay. So that's one hundred percent, right. You know, the linebacker coach of that group was we just went over us the other day. Oh, yeah. Our very own Vic Fangio that is correct. You get extra points for that. So they're seven and know when they had this commercial running down in New Orleans was teaching some kid going Chiching for everything. So it was the kitchen game. And I think this was ninety two am I right? We nineteen Ninety-one. Was it ninety one? I told her twenty seventh hundred ninety one okay got the year round. Anyway. So we go down there. And we played like crap. I mean, we I think Harbaugh was like two of eighteen to twenty until the final drive of the game. We're getting the we're getting just house getting our cans and miraculously somehow, we got the ball back. And we went on a drive down the field. And I caught a touchdown pass to actually put us ahead. And then that's a Dallas talking about giant spike in the end zone. And we ended up beating them. I have no idea how we did it. But we upset them. They were seven oh. The chain game, and they kicked their ass for like fifty seven minutes. And then we we won on a long drive going in the end of the game the chiefs. I know we played the chiefs in no I played the chiefs in Arrowhead 'cause I remember Albert Lewis like was six to is a corner, and he had arms that were like four hundred feet long. And I just couldn't I mean, he just he just got the best of me every single down because I just couldn't I couldn't manage his athletic ability. He's like one of the key. Also was like close to wasn't like an close to Olympic sprinter type speed. He was at so many sticks to with long arms plays the position. Well, and has Olympic speed. And then he's got me. So needless to say it didn't go. I don't know if we won that game lost that game. You guys won that game against Kansas City nineteen seventeen that was November eleventh nineteen Ninety-three and you're dead on about the saints game. You guys scored you score the winning touchdown pass. Right. Twenty to seventeen the bears won that game. How about that? Well, what what did I do against the chiefs? I don't remember the numbers against the chiefs. You had five targets three receptions nine hundred yards, greedy grants. What happens is when you're the the go-to guy who scores the game winning touchdown against the saints. The chiefs then have to blanket Tom Lewis decoy the toughest thousand nine hundred the whole season. That's right. Listen, there's a chance that a couple of those run third down. Mr. be careful with a typical game that was three catches for nineteen yards. That was made. That's let's on that'll be on my gravestone three cats. Yards. States. There was. Put your NFL stats on your gravestone. Have your children do that put that in your wealth? I will I will do that as long as I can get a guarantee from you, you won't urinate on Mike. Cannot guarantee you remember anything about the atmosphere there, Tom, do you? Remember, anything was crazy. It was crazy. What I remember most was coming in coming into the locker room. I all listen, I got a better story for you. What year was that? That was one. He wasn't it wasn't that ninety three ninety three. Okay. So I believe if I'm not mistaken the day before BC's playing playing Notre Dame. It's the the the the game where BC beats them with the kick that looks like it's going a hundred yards left of the field goal in the rack comes through. Okay. So -sorts, and I are watching the game like on a handheld television must've been going from the airport. We were filing game from the airports that aero had because we would always only Atlantic go to the stadium to walk through so shorts. And I are standing offense on one side defense on the other. We're both standing watching this game not paying attention to the walks in one area. This out because we're supposed to be doing some. And we're watching watching the game. Anyway. While you failed to mention your Boston. College was number seventeen at the time. Notre Dame was ranked number one in the country. That's right. And we beat up on that feel you did that was awesome. I if I remember correctly here one extreme of guys at my bothering you. That affect. But what I remember Chris about the atmosphere was it's just insane. I mean, I know it's a big open air stadium. But just insane. I remember I remember McMichael pounding his forehead into the top of his his locker. He used to do that a lot. But I don't know why remember that that dude was such a great player in such a great leader. It was so much fun to watch and get ready to play. I will lose in that game at the half. Hold on. I can look hold on. Trying to get it up drinking. You can drink me. No, he's got he's going tabs open. You too many tabs is let's see at halftime. You guys are down fourteen to six. Yeah. I remember because people were angry at the half about that. I remember that. I remember Steve banging his head against the the locker. That's awesome. He was Lattimore before Lattimore in the program. There's there's an old reference for you ever watched. We've taken too much of your time this Sunday morning. Thanks fan. We appreciate you made soup right now. You wanna if you want the patriots and chief straight up, let me know is it a broth- super you going cream. Watts but I know it's bra. Okay, come on. Yeah. Bone broth, no chicken noodle, or what are we working with? Yeah. It's I I gotta my own little recipe, man. I stole it from my wife. Nice. You have to tweet it out like cap does. No don't do that. No, no. I'm not. I'm not gonna tweet pictures of mean shower either. Okay. All right. Well, you do you know that breaks your heart of dollars? Enjoy your championships Sunday. Why don't we appreciate it, man? But you gotta fellas have a good day. Tom Waddell of ESPN one thousand you can hear him tomorrow. Two to six. We will. Just like throwing the log on the storytime with Waddell, five -solutely. We're going to pause for sports center here in a moment. But Colin Wilson of the action network. Yeah. All the latest on what's going on in the point spread movements. He's going to share that with us coming up next. And then we'll also go down to Kansas City and talk about the cheese. Patriots game. Yeah. And then something we need to talk about two is cold weather games. Over unders to we have to worry matter. Does it matter? It might be a mess. We'll do that next..

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