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Of I ninety two partly cloudy overnight with a low in the upper seventies. Then tomorrow a fifty percent chance of more late day showers and storms with a high again at ninety two partly cloudy now and Eighty-three at your severe weather station. Newsradio nine seventy WFL. A our next update at eleven. I'm Steve hall, MS RPM, invoice list price dealer price, Toby Knapp here, if your car shopping, you've probably heard these terms, but what do they mean? It's so confusing. Well, it was confusing not anymore. Tell you about troop price from truecar. It's a price that actually means something because it's the exact price you'll pay for the car you want, including fees and accessories and best of all, you'll know if you're true prices competitive because truecar shows you other people are paying for the same car that you want. So when you're ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. We scholarship money to go on to the next level. Life has really helped me as a person. Grow as individuals as well. If you have a child five eighteen get them started in the game right away, instill life enhancing values and promote healthy choices all through this wonderful game called golf enroll them in. The I t's junior golf lesson program opened the first time participants. The learn the basics of the game with a special emphasis on the first t code of conduct space is limited for each seven week session. So register your child today online at the I t of Tampa Bay dot org. The first day of Tampa Bay is a program of the Tampa YMCA prices are for base buildings only. You not include windows, doors, were accessories. Attentional business owners who rent or lease space, including storage space? Stop wasting your money paying someone else for your space. You can now save a ton of money and own your own building with the incredible sale prices from general steel, our fifty year structural warranty buildings are custom designed for your needs and save you a ton of money. Call eight seven seven fifty steel and get your options pricing package. Call now. Eight seven seven fifty steel that's eight seven seven five zero seven eight three three five eight seven seven fifty Steve. Now, it's your.

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