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Show. Jack's going to be in Dallas next week I don't know if Mike's actually traveling to Dallas I hope he is because I can't go so I know the Jack needs a party body but. we're getting a mon we're gonna get on today were probably among the Mara because both of them nominated I think it's very you did something we should note when two major stars in the bay area are nominated for a major award now my only question is what should there be a bet going on here between Jack and Mike and what if neither one of them wins which is hard for me to imagine but if not it neither one of them wins. check this game is as we go and do they fight the person who does went. body slam what do they just run up together tag team and take the trophy and say this is ours. yeah more wrestling looking Jack sciatica it might be flaring up still so Mike is going to have to do the body slamming but jacking come in afterwards take the award and do some like play by play as it's going on that's how I imagine it going down that would be pretty funny I'd like to see that I mean that would make news of the viral. two rivals competing radio host in Tampa Bay tag team joined together to take down Marconi award recipient Jack's gonna jump on and just a couple minutes here Jack your back a feeling. however well better than a well has allegedly to party to are in your birthday is that it new not all wheel Jack will get us up to date on all you need to know plus going to say the twelve way over in the deadline here yeah Jack we got somebody a you got to hear this new PSA that's out the sandy hook promise this group that put out a PSA for school kids wait until you see this it's on our blog WFLA news dot com slash a M. T. B. but first let's see what's making news with Chris treatment a delta flight crew is drawing praise after a scare force their flight to divert to Tampa the flight from Atlanta was on its way to fort Lauderdale when oxygen masks were suddenly deployed in the plane was forced to land at Tampa International delta blames the problem on a cabin pressurization irregularity no one was hurt and passengers tweeted out great the flight crew was for keeping everyone call a poll county mothers ever to learn more about a school beating involving her son appears to be going nowhere Lawrence Springfield address the county school board to discuss an incident last week at Blake academy in which her twelve year old son was attacked Springfield wants to know what kind of punishment was handed down to the attacker but the school says the state law prevents.

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