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Alan robinson let me see with their with their um caps situation is looking like two i think they think there were still had the fourth most cap space in the league after they signed garoppolo and they're still pretty high after enough to giving us some good when his contract extension mr at the fifth most capspace nearly with sixty seven million left i mean it's still not to go out and get a colleague alan robinson that's one thing too i mean you can never have enough capspace g get all these good players aren't aren't they it's gonna be interesting to see like all romme's because he can enable the team like to call to get into the forty nine or as the chicago bears even the tennessee titans like i was talking about earlier and tennessee might be 'cause i doubt it happens honestly i mean that'd be a nice little fit but i think they like with gotta corey daves my thank you can never have enough good players on your team and i think tennessee is the only team that could compete with the to mike san francisco as far as going for gallic alan robinson because i mean alan robinson because the number these guys we're all humans right the all think the same way we do i even alan robinson pry thinking you know up jacksonville's going with all these other guys a for all i did with that team didn't franchise me didn't even want me back so let me go play with tennessee where they made the playoffs to got a nice quarterback possibly even better quarterback the blake bortles all right got a nice little coaching staff can run out less little fast pace higher powerful offense mingled play within them play against jacksonville for two year two times in your make them pay for it all right and like i said tennessee is a team that could very well make the playoffs this season once again they made the playoffs last year being.

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