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Welcome into this Monday to ESPN FC. Greg burly, Steve Nicol shock is lots of ashes are with you. Mark Ogden slated to join us as well from outside the London stadium where Liverpool and West Ham met earlier today in game that could very well have significant impact the Premier League title race. Bubbles all the pageantry twenty-second minute. Adam allotted nice little play at I look. Anyway, James Milner, the Saudi money turns in scores. One liberal. Lana does well Milland Israel Saudi money, as well who fails here allies man that farsight James Milner welll side allies outta position flags down from. There's a good cross. I'm not spinning finish for money. Something special. Do you minutes later West Ham, find their equaliser through Antonio Bush smart move from which Tom good obviously release free kick but Liverpool absolutely sleep to get beaten by one little ball in behind. And it's one one forty first minute. Another set piece Declan rights wide open this up to crazy defending from Liverpool. The such a highlight. And then there's nobody blocking the run is just crazy seventy third minute cancer. Wes. Ham, snodgrass, Mark noble. Over the VAR snow drowsy old fines devoutness who does. Really? Well, I think it's coming out for him noble snatches of his effort navigate though over the top about greedy because Ascii style for the full Shane lanes been gets his completely wrong houses review with a horrible attempt. So there you have it west hand Liverpool an angry, you're in cloth. Share the points London stadium as we take a look at the match. That's pretty clear Liverpool the stronger of the two sides, but it is at the end of the day draw. And here's what it means for the top half of the Premier League Liverpool's lead. Then just three points over Manchester City, they'll visit Everton later this week. So could actually have a tie atop the table by Wednesday night. Let's dive in on this Liverpool performance. Where do you wanna start as funny? You should talk about the position starts. You know, we always complained. Haven't possession is one thing in creatine is another Liverpool create enough in this game. The golden goal was all shade the chance to really hard at the end was off shade. And then between those absolutely nothing and fight west hob for as little as possession. They had had the Cutler John's is don't bear particularly cheery too..

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